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  One fine morning, while blogging and listening to Coheed and Cambria’s Welcome Home, I found an article about being a fan. Some people always tell to their friends that they are Number One fan of their favourite bands, Hollywood stars, and other famous personalities around.

Coheed and Cambria \m/

    I am Number Two fan of Coheed and Cambria since June, 2005.

Claudio Sanchez in Manila. Photo courtesy of Erwin Bautista

They performed here last July 30, 2010. Tarp near A-Venue.Photo courtesy of Erwin Bautista
   Why is it I am Number Two fan of one of my favourite band?  First, I followed their career since then. I even watch their videos on MTV and MYX.  My playlists on my computer are songs from Coheed and Cambria. I have a copy of Claudio’s The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3’s ebook. I even named my rabbits, Coheed and Cambria! 🙂 One thing that makes me their #2 fan is that I wasn’t around when they came here a year ago. I was sick at that time, when they performed at A-Venue last July, 2010.
  I learned it from a friend of mine, while I’m on vacation in Antipolo few years back. While Eric and I listening to his CD player, he played “A Favor House Atlantic”, I was like singing out loud, as if I know the lyrics of the song. And I sang it correctly. I asked him, “Hey, who sang that song?”, and he told me, “It’s Coheed and Cambria.” I was stunned when I heard Claudio’s voice, and I even imitate it once in a while, belting out their songs.
 I just want to let Claudio and the rest of the members of Coheed and Cambriaknow that I’m their avid fan…their Number 2 fan around.
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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