Stand Up In 2012 | Make A Stand And Be Heard

  2012 is fast approaching. And we should speak up for the year 2012, and to voice out our rants and be heard. A lot of things happened for the year 2011. Cyberbullying Chris Lao on several social networking sites, online scams that shook our lives, and other issues that involves the World Wide Web.

  A lot of us are relying information in cyberspace. Reading alot of news online is an essential for bloggers and for newsworthy type of person.

   Why do I still want to speak up in 2012? There are some issues wehave to fight over. We have to feed the minds of those who didn’t understandus. As a blogger for my blog and as a contributing writer/blogger for The Web Magazine, Pinoy Popcast, and MTRCB, I want to voice out my opinions for the year 2012. To be socially active as a blogger, as a Netizen, and to fight over plagiarism.

  Why do I speak up for this year? I’m the type of person who’s observant on what’s happening around. I used to raise some issues on Facebook and here in my blog. I want to be heard and share my opinions that affect the lives of every Filipinos, here and in abroad.

Resistance on Plagiarism

  I became a blogger since May of 2011. And I didn’t mind over some issues online. Recently, I found out that my original blog post about my Top 10 list on how to manage your time as a blogger here and in an online contest entry for a website was plagiarized by a fellow blogger. I was astonished when the person posted it in one of the group page that I’m a member on Facebook. The moment I saw it, I confronted the person who copied my blog post.He apologized right away when he learn that I’m the owner of the said blog post. 

  Plagiarizing someone’s blog post is a NO-NO in the world of blogosphere. Crediting the author right away by simply add the link of the source and the name of the author.

Resistance on Cybersex Trade

  I’ve been a Netizen since 1998. Since then, cybersex is a trend by using their body in exchange of money.As psychiatrist Randy Dellosa said in his blog post about Cybersex, it is the online exchange of sexual messages through email, chat, or iPhone by 2 or more people,frequently while viewing each other on cam, and the sexual exchange ending insexual release via masturbation. Minors. most especially girls,are victims in this kind of sex trade.

 I’ve heard a lot of stories about cybersex trade. As young as 15 years old engaged in these kind of prostitution. Underground cybersex dens found in some rural areas. Poverty is one of the main problem that why they are hooked on these kind of lewd acts. The government must take some action about this matter.

  We should stand up for our future. Be heard by the authorities involved. And make a stand for a better 2012.

by Eccentric Yet Happy
  • Albert Israel

    Yes, really time to speak up now! Stop being a badass- as I always used to say.

  • Plagiarism is indeed a big issue. Many bloggers don’t know about it. It also happens to pictures or screenshots in which they don’t credit the site where they get it.

  • Traveller on a Shoestring

    Yes everyone must be assertive of their rights but act responsibly too!

    Happy New Year 2012!

  • when i know i’m right, i speak up, always

    Merry Christmas from RJ’s Mama

  • yup, voice your your opinions, it’s every one’s right…but at the same time be cautious and sure that your facts are right not just hearsays…

    from FBW

  • Thanks for the comments!

    We have to be very observant yet you have to voice out your own opinion.

    Speak up for our rights…to be heard and stand up for the future.

  • Plagiarism is a crime. Kelangan sila ma punish. Maraming mga nag duduplicate ng mga content sa Net talaga; Dapat iban sila ng Google.

  • How did you know that this blogger copied your work? Buti nalaman mo agad. Well, speaking up and standing out for what we believe in defines our personality. hehe. Happy new year! ^_^

  • iamzennia: He posted it on Pinoy Bloggers group page. pinost yan buong content ng blog post ko. He copied every details of my original blog post. May mga pinalitan lang sya. Ang masaklap nun, Christmas ko nakita ung pinost nya sa group page namin. Tamang-tama, nakaonline ako. Malas lang nya talaga.

    We deserve to stand up for our own right as a blogger. Stand up and resist plagiarism. Resist on widespread sexual exploitation of women, especially the minors engaging in cybersex trade.