Free Call and Text Messages Using Viber

Few days ago, I saw an app on Android Market that I instantly downloaded this fantastic app for Android and iPhone mobile phones. Got curious when it says that I can send text messages, call my friends and clients via Viber.

Viber is an application for iPhone® and Android™ phones that lets you make free phone calls and send text messages to anyone who also has the application installed.

You can call or text any Viber subscriber, anywhere in the world. With 40 million users who can’t get enough of this awesome app.And it’s for free! It’s automatically added into your address book…if your friends has Viber. All you have to do is to have a WiFi or 3G Internet connection.

It has great sound quality and once activated, it does not requires you a PIN, username or any additional purchase.

You do not have to worry about reloading your phone credits just to send SMS or call your friends. It will be soon available to BlackBerry.

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by Eccentric Yet Happy
  • flairsandflares

    I don’t have Viber yet but I do have Voxer. Would you know the difference? – Carmel

  • My friends love using Viber but I haven’t try it myself 🙂 Thanks for the share. Mas naconvince ako. lol

  • I’ve been using Viber for a while now on my iPhone and it really saves me a lot of dollars…

  • Carmel: I think it’s different. I’ll blog about it Voxer vs Viber.

  • uy para siyang Chikka ano? libre text sa pinas, pero ito sa android… pede kaya ito sa tablet ko

  • R.O.M.E.L: Why won’t you try it? Android phones and iPhone…perfect for those on a tight budget like me. It’s free call and text messages anywhere. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Y.

  • This seems like an interesting app. Will share this post to my sister. She’s an android user 🙂

  • That’s cool! I suggest you try too. It’s where you can send local texts for free! 😀

    Hi!! Visiting here from PB! 😀

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    This is a member of the Viber Development Team!
    Wow! Thanks for writing about Viber! We are always delighted to hear about users’ experiences ^^

    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we’d be happy to hear from you.
    Viber Team