Blogging: It’s Really More Fun in the Philippines

I’ve been in the world of blogosphere for quite some time. And I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of emerging blogs owned by Filipinos. Unlike before when I had my first blog in 2004, few people are interested in blogging.

Being a web content writer for almost three years, I decided to reinvent myself as a blogger. My first love is writing articles and poems.

Last May 2011, I resumed my blogging habits after 7 years of hiatus thru Tumblr . I transferred some of my contents here in August

Opportunities came in when I started to be a full time blogger last November. My friends are wondering how I’m handling my time blogging at home.

Starting off my day by checking emails, checking previous posts and stats, replying messages on Twitter, and Facebook, reading online news and leaving messages regarding summary of my tasks to my blog partner on GTalk.

Handling several blogs, five Facebook pages, and two Twitter accounts are some of my daily tasks everyday. I’m online for almost 16 hours a day… 8 to 12 hours blogwhoring at my phone. In my spare time, I spend a lot of time doing some drafts and research.

Freebies and Prizes That I Got Since Last Year

GC’s from Caveman and Yeti–1st online contest that I won last October 2011 from When in Manila and Eat’s A Date.

I won This Means War Online Contest from B & L Magazine last month —Two movie tix and a shirt
I won Diary of a Wimpy Kid from Fickle Cattle last December.
Token from Uratex

            I was among the 18 contenders for Blogger Manila’s Blogger Apprentice

My precious Galaxy Y from an online contest of Samsung Mobile Philippines last October 2011.

Some people wondering how we earn money from blogging. From ads in our respectives blogs, and paid post assignments are our source in monetizing our blogs. As a blogger, I’m also attending events if I don’t have pending tasks for the day. Other people doesn’t know that we’re enjoying every moment covering events.

That’s why I love blogging…meeting a lot of people, learning new things whenever I’m attending events and earning from it.

Here’s a video that you’ll surely love and laugh your heart out as fellow bloggies FPJ aka Florencio Jusay Jr. of Manual To Lyf and other wacky, talented bloggers who attended an event recently.

Florencio Jusay Jr., Jayson Biadog and other bloggies while on their way to an event.

It’s really more fun blogging in the Philippines

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by Eccentric Yet Happy
  • sheena

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  • wow! very active! Certainly,blogging’s very veryyyyyyyyyy fun! Anywhere you go, there’s always something to blog about.

  • Lance Romel bucoy

    You are not Busy hah..

    Yes i agree with you, It’s more fun:)
    I myself I blog when i think it is something juicy to add some Fun 😉

    and yes meeting new faces as well see you soon Christian Melanie Lee 🙂

  • iaadamlim

    Looks like blogging is keeping you busy. That’s good. “,)

  • Great to see you enjoying this gig. 🙂

  • I’m really enjoying every moment as a blogger.

    Lance: See you soon! Baka sumakit ka sa kakatawa sa akin.

    Thank you for those who appreciate this blog post. I’ve heard a lot of people who inspired of what I have achieved as a blogger.

  • Wow, panalo ang gadget! Anyway, I really like FPJs video. Very funny. Ang kuleeett! Hahaha! 😀

  • Maan

    I agree with Mrs. Kolca. Panalo ang gadget! 🙂 Sana ako din! I’m inspired! 🙂

  • Blogging is more of a hobby for me when I started but now it has become my passion. I wish I can be a full time blogger also but then I would probably miss teaching if I give it up also. Your life as a full time blogger fascinates me. I am glad that you’re enjoying every minute of it.:)

  • Blogging does have its benefits, and I’m happy that you’re making the most out of it. It really is quite enriching. =)

  • Whatever reasons we have for blogging…
    bottom line is, we feel some kind of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that our writings are being appreciated by other people.

  • Congratulations to all of your wonderful achievements as a blogger.

    I agree that what’s that matters most are the pleasure more than any of these things that you got thru blogging ^_^

    Happy blogging!

  • Thank you. I have always blogged part-time, just to vent my thoughts about places I visit and shows I watch. Very interesting to read about someone who does it for a living!

  • Cool freebies! Wow. Several blogs must have kept you busy.

  • I’d say the heart of being a good blogger is being responsible … happy blogging!

    Dropping by from BC Bloggers Comment Hop See you!

  • Pearl

    blogging has really become my outlet, where I share my ideas and opinions. It has become a part of my life.

  • Rae

    The most amazing part is, if you really love what you’re doing, hindi mo bibilangin the number of hours you spend on your blog. Parang wala lang. It comes so effortlessly.

    I encourage many of my friends to write nga. Kahit wala-wala lang. Kasi iba yung growth na nakukuha ko from writing.

    At kesa pumunta ka sa therapist, mas murang therapy ang blogging.

  • The heart of every blog is being real .

  • Wow! So many online works and freebies. I am an aspiring work at home mom, I do blogging, online selling and working as a Chemist, aside from being a wife and a mom. You are so active and I wish I could be that active too, haha. That won’t be possible especially with my work and a little cute toddler around the house.

    Mommy Maye (

  • Wow! Hectic schedule you got there. I only have one fb page and 1 blog and yet I can’t manage to update them everyday. I admit am just a trying hard blogger but I still do it because its fun. 😉

  • then can I have some helpful tips from you on how to earn a lot thru blogging? I am dead serious! LOL

  • Blogging is also a lot of work. But it helps to break the monotony from my day job 🙂 I have not made it a full time thing but maybe later, I’ll get to that.

  • It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines, no question! 🙂

  • congrats to your achievements. i also check my email and blog before i eat my breakfast. =)

  • Yes, I do agree with that blogging is more fun. Fun in the sense that you’ve made others well-informed, put them into action for a particular community project or advocacy for that matter. Besides, it develops your writing ability and it harnesses your thoughts, wisdom, and even ideas to be prolific. Keep on blogging sometimes there’s money in it.

  • Blogging can be hard work but if you enjoy it then it’s fun 🙂

  • i admire you! you said you have several blogs, hirap nun ah…and nakakainggit ka you earn and win prizes! ako i quit paid posting and joining contests when i got na my job

  • Ron

    wow. i hope i can be good as you with blogging. great read.. 🙂

  • wow you are definitely a busy girl.. hope to see you soon..

  • Pearl

    blogging is fun, an outlet for me, though I don’t regularly post in my blog, i make sure that not a week pass by without at least sharing one post.

  • Liz

    Wow! I really love blogging, too! I’m not getting that much freebies though because I’m just managing all of my sites independently. My bf helps me, that’s all. And we’re happy with what we are earning.

    Liz of Make More Money Online

  • Kinareer ba! haha..

    I love blogging because of the community. It’s fun and learning at the same time.

    I wish I can also attend blogger conferences.

  • wow! blogging is really fun, and you are very busy with all the accounts you are handling. How can you ever keep up with them? it’s also fun when we are able to receive freebies.

  • Oh Em GEE, and i thought I am the only one who’s lucky with online contest! natalo mo ako. di pa ako nanalo ng phone na premyo ehehe

  • yes! blogging is really fun 🙂 aside from getting paid plus the free freebies you receive 🙂 Glad that you are having a great time 🙂

  • wow, you have so many achievements in your blogging career, long way to go!

  • I’m not a good writer myself but i do love to write and created poems during my younger years. blogging is indeed fulfilling and i am happy because i got a chance to meet other bloggers too. i wish i can have a beautiful career in blogging in the near future. Do join our green monday too and share your ideas of green at

  • Samantha Lee

    Congratulations on your blogging achievements. Very inspiring especially for newbie bloggers like me. I have yet to learn more about writing and blogging.

    Funny video. Who’s the person covered with newspaper? LOL!

  • nakakatuwa naman, i have won also 3 times already because of blogging. such a good news when you heard you have won. nice post by the way

  • I love blogging and it has helped me in many different ways. Best thing is I can still earn while taking care of my kids at home.

  • Wow, this is a wake up call. I should join blog giveaways and other contest! Thanks

  • That’s right! another thing you can earn a lot from blogging!

  • That is so great! I want to be a professional blogger too. How can I do that?

  • wow i love ur samsung phone! i envy those blogging activities in the Phils

  • Oh my… you are one great blogger! Congratulations on all your achievements and I wish you more years of blogging adventure 🙂

  • It definitely is More Fun in the Philippines! Another Pinoy blogger here 😀

    I’ve joined quite a few giveaways but haven’t won any yet 🙂 Hopefully I will win something worth of my spending time online hehehe

    edit: hating this captcha!

  • You’re really good at what you do. Also in winning online contests. 🙂

  • oh so nice congrats to you!
    Ang swerte..I should also try joining blog give aways baka maswertehan ko din:)

  • IT must be great to be a full time blogger. I too hope to evolve into professional blogging.

  • Paula

    Congrats! Blogging is a truly rewarding hobby.

  • I agree, you can meet a lot of new people thru events and you can get some freebies too 🙂

  • WOW…. How do you manage to do all this things?

  • I have been blogging for almost two years but cannot really focus on it because I have online jobs to attend to..I hope that I can attend events and win freebies too. -MommyLES