Dance to the Beat | An Interview with DJ Jeff Almighty

I’ve been listening to a wide variety of music. From reggae to techno to trance to rock music, listening to it I felt relaxed yet I’m eager to do some stuffs while playing it on my radio for hours.

Few years ago, my cousin went here in our country for a vacation. And he introduced me to his favorite DJ, Tiesto. I’ve been listening to Paul Van Dyk, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Jean Michel Jarre since then.

Recently, I’m honored to interview my childhood friend and former classmate, DJ Jeff Almighty aka Jeff Lupato, resident DJ of Insomnia Malate and Uno Pizzeria.

How did you start your career as a DJ?

I started when I was third year high school student. My dad is an Opera singer and music coordinator and he made a small sound system business that time. That time I have DJ friends and I asked them why they want to be a DJ, they told me that “so that we can put a sound system business. in future”.

Then I told myself that we have a sound system businss so all I need is to have a CDJ100s Pioneer player that I can practice in my home. Then the passion starts and I practice silently for so long. I work with my dad as his P.A. and sound technician and a DJ on their wedding gigs. I play Ballroom music and Retros that time at Manila Hotel.

My break starts at SKY BOWL at Robinsons Galleria. It’s a billiard hall and bowling alley. Mr.Paeng Nepomuceno saw me playing music then I introduced the DISCO BOWLING here in Philippines! It was a big success and he opened a franchise at Eastwood City Libis (Paeng’s Eastwood Bowl and Billiard). I’m a resident DJ there for 7 yrs now every Friday and Saturday. I’m the first DJ who Introduce DISCO BOWLING here in Philippines (not bragging, I’m just proud and happy)

How can you manage your time doing your sets at Insomnia Malate and Uno Pizzeria?

I play at UNO Pizzeria as a midsetter. It’s around 10pm- till 12:30am then hangout with my boss till 3am then ill go back to Malate at Insomnia to play the closer set of 4am-6am.

I always listened to your tracks on SoundCloud. Do you prepare your own music?

Wow thanks alot. Yes I do. Most of my music are underground or deep remixed with the help of my foreign DJs. Then I will play it live here in my mini studio and at the same time recording it.

What can you say about the potential of Filipino DJs on the international scene?

Pinoy DJs really dominates the industry of music. Majority of well known music producers here are just selling their tracks outside the country. Someday Pinoy DJs will be more recognize in other countries.

Any music influences?

TIESTO, Armin, Salsa and Samba House

What advice/s you can give to aspiring DJs?

All I can say to the new blood is just play with your heart, learn how to move the crowd, don’t stick on your top 40 songs, learn how to play an opener set, mid set and closer set because prime time set are way too easy even you close you eyes you can make them dance. Learn to read notes or learn to hear notes and keys. Don’t CHEAT on playing music.

Your future plans?

To play more. I’m just thankful that I’m here to help and inspire others.

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by Eccentric Yet Happy
  • Interesting how his dad was an opera singer…

  • My first time to know about disco bowling. it must be interesting and enjoyable. I will hop onto soundcloud sometime and try to listen to the music scores of DJ Jeff Almighty.


  • he’s so gwapo!
    makapunta nga sa uno! lol 🙂
    great interview.

  • I wonder where do people study to become a DJ? I do hope we have more Filipino DJ’s acknowledged for their talents and highlighted in the music industry.

  • Like another commenter said, interesting how his dad was an opera singer!

  • I have always wanted to be a dj like dj jeff too. But it has recently changed . Dj jeff thanks for sharing your talents with the people around you

  • Cool! That disco bowling is quite interesting; maybe we should check that out on our next night out. haha! Pinoy DJS are all over the world; I have an elementary classmate now residing in China doing just that for living. I read somewhere that there’s a formal education for DJ, in SOFA I think 🙂

  • Didn’t know there is a DISCO BOWLING huh! I knew that place (PAENG’s) because I used to play billiards there before. Good job for this interview 🙂

  • Mary Mary Quite Contrary

    i’m into music but im not so much into disco music that much, although i like putting on disco music on my headset but i dunno, too much noise gets to me sometimes lols…intersting post melanie!

    Manilenya Mom

  • dj’s are creative and need also a talent and skills to induce some effects, though I used remixing but not as good as other does

  • i like his advice to aspiring dj’s to not just stick to top.


  • cool. it’s fun to do something if it’s really your passion. interesting interview, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • im really fascinated on how DJ remixes the song. is there any school for DJs?

  • It’s good to know your good looking (*wink*) DJ friend. 🙂

    That’s exciting career. especially if music is your passion

  • Nice interview. Keep it up.

    Mommy Maye (

  • Thank you guys for the warm comments. You guys made my day. =)

  • Congratulations to you for having the opportunity to interview your former classmate.
    Having those kind of job really needs passion and you must like what you do.

  • Paula

    I’m always in awe at people who are musically inclined because I’m their opposite. hehe
    Kudos to your friend for being able to do what he loves and making a living out of it. Some people can only dream of being able to do that kind of thing.

  • cute na DJ nga. hehe! for sure marami na magvisit sa UNO because of him. =)

  • nice interview…i always admire djs, they are talented people

  • That’s what you call “passion” for music.

  • Rae

    I don’t know much about DJ-ing and I’m not much of a party person, so this stuff is quite interesting and inspiring.

  • Being a DJ is not easy and you really have to be creative and know your music, genre and etc. Saka ang gastos nang gamit. My husband is a frustrated DJ so he has a turntable and computer software and etc..

  • Cool!
    Nice interview.

  • Great interview!

  • Liz

    Funny, I don’t even know him. Thanks for this post.

  • why are most DJ’s are good looking… though not all but most of them are… i would love to see one of them in one of the music bars that me and my friends often hang out.

  • Congratulations, nice interview, keep it up!

  • Play from the heart…that is sound advice in my opinion.

  • Sadly enough, I don’t enjoy mixes. I don’t know they make my head buzz.

    Nice interview though.

  • I used to be a party animal when I was in college.. but now I can’t stand loud music anymore… but I always have a heart for DJs especially when it’s gwapo like him hehehe 🙂

  • He is cute. Good for you to have this opportunity to interview him.

  • thanks for sharing, haven’t heard of him though but maybe my kids have 🙂

  • Pearl

    interesting to read his advice to new players… nice to see that he shares this from his own experience.

  • helenmarylabao

    wow! Interesting guy. Eclectic taste in music even. I like his mix, I’m listening to it now. Thanks for the share…

  • It’s cool to be able to mix music and the listeners would enjoy them, they need to be creative as well. Nice interview, a better view of the DJs.

  • must be super cool to interview a DJ.

  • I am so sorry 🙁 I did not heard anything from him 🙁 I miss news from the Philippines and am not updated anymore 🙁 sounds like he has a great career.

  • Just wondering how was Disco Bowling done? Anyway I’ll just perhaps research on that.

    Pinoy DJs are great! I believe when the age of RAP started there are lots of Pinoy DJs who’ve been known with that craft.

  • Keep posted with what’s latest in the industry, expose yourself to the professionals considered in this field to learn the tricks from them and be distinctly different from the rest 🙂

  • Cool job!!

  • i just learned about disco bowling, i didn’t know that even existed. LOL i’m not fond of going to bars so i’m not really updated with DJs and stuff. But he’s a looker! 🙂

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  • Galing naman, nainterview mo sya.

  • I’m so outdated… I more appreciative of this stuffs in my 20s. Now I feel old. LOL

  • wow! brushing elbows with a famous personality 🙂 im not updated in the music industry much. sabi ko na nga pang intl. ang talent ng mga Filipinos e 😀

  • i wish i had a friend who is a dj too. its cool especially when they mix music together.

  • He must be good in his craft, and btw, I haven’t heard about Disco Bowling but I know Paeng…

  • Disc jockeying is an art. It takes one to be mental alert and knows how to “talk in musical parlance” And also it takes a well-modulated voice.

  • i thought djs just talk in radio station lolz

  • Mari
  • Nice. Confession: I’ve never been to bars that feature DJs so I don’t really know how to appreciate them. But I;m sure that DJing is another creative outlet.

  • Interesting interview. I really don’t know how to tell if the DJ mix is good or not. Then again, I’m not into disco music. Nevertheless, this is an interesting post.

  • “Just play with your heart.” – Love that phrase! It works for any other thing you may be doing.

  • it’s not really simple as we thought DJing to be…

  • cool.. he’s handsome too! yay! hahaha 🙂

  • interesting. it’s cool to interview people.

  • Interesting. I think being a DJ is one of the coolest jobs. It must have been nice interviewing one.

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  • Yeah, don’t stick with your top40.

  • Nanay Blogs

    Once I thought the life of a DJ is amazing!

  • Heartfelt advice as an interview ender. (thumbs up)

  • one of my close friends and classmates way back in college is a DJ too (and a blogger as well) But her role is different, she’s not into mixing, she’s into giving advise 🙂

  • Lived in Eastwood City for a few months and I still frequent the place yet I never heard of that Disco Bowling! lol
    DJing is an interesting career. I hope I get the chance to listen to his music mix!

  • I believe everyone can be a dj…only if we use the God given talents He has given to us.