How I Became a Vegan

Few weeks ago, a lot of my friends keep on asking me on how I became a vegan. They didn’t know that I am vegan. And I’m proud to say that being a vegan, my mantra is always be “stay fit everyday!”.

Two years ago when my doctor told me that I have scoliosis after I experienced severe chest pain for two consecutive days, he advised me not to eat meat and oily foods. At first, I had to accept the truth of the diagnosis that was given to me during that day.

And shifting from a flexitarian to lacto vegetarian, a lot of sacrifices that I did for the sake of my health.  I make it to the point that I can control myself and not to entice eating small amount of meat. 
There’s a lot of meat replacements that I love to eat. And being a vegan, I always monitoring my food intake everyday. No MSG on all meals and I always ask my Mom to prepare some meals that I love like salads and sumptuous healthy veg meals that make me rejuvenate.
by Eccentric Yet Happy
  • Going vegan is definitely great for your health, but you don’t have to give up the pleasure of eating delicious food. There are tons of delicious vegan food out there, and I’m glad you’re discovering them 🙂 More power to your new lifestyle and enjoy the many delicious vegan recipes including Filipino ones!

  • keep it up.. very nice choice …

  • Wow, a vegan! I super salute you, I can’t stay away from meat and I have sever scoliosis too, 45 degrees but thank God it isn’t causing me pain. But I know I have to cut down my weight too as this will surely pose back problems in the future.:)

  • I got to work with a vegan, and I really admire their discipline. I am interested to know what other foods they can eat aside from vegetables. She is inviting me in India, and I would want to try that lifestyle 😉