Villar Foundation and Blas F. Ople Policy Center | Reaching Out To OFWs

Recently, while reading an article about the sacrifices of several OFWs in Middle East, I remembered my uncle who’s working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for such a long time. Few years ago, he had an accident. His employer didn’t gave him hospital expenses. He wanted to complain the incident to our consulate in Saudi Arabia.  And to be able to visit the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, he need to travel a day before he arrive in Riyadh.

Our nation’s unsung heroes who gave up their jobs here and searching for a greener pasture overseas.

Few years ago, my brother went abroad and worked in a multinational company. Whenever we heard him complaining about discrimination towards him, we told him to transfer a job there. He insisted not to do so.

Recently, an OFW named Alfredo Salmos arrived from Jeddah. He finished his employment two years ago, he was unable to get an exit clearance from his employer. An accident preventing him to continue his part time job there.

People like Salmos and other OFWs need the help from our government.

With Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Villar Foundation, they extended their hands thru livelihood projects, and provides repatriation since 2008. Since then, they have assisted more than 10,000 OFWs cases. Using Villar Foundation’s fund, there were able to repatriate more than 200 OFWs. They helped a lot people in pursuing a better future for their families.

On OFWs Absentee Voting

Since the Overseas Absentee Voting began few years ago, there are about 589,830 registered voters in 2010 and 153,323 actually voted during the 2010 election. The COMELEC estimates there will be 686,798 voters for the upcoming 2013 election.

I think the OFWs must participate in electing new lawmakers even though they’re working abroad. They have their own rights to choose their new leaders.

With the help of social networking sites like Facebook, they can easily pick their bet for the 2013 election by visiting the candidate’s websites or Facebook page. They don’t need to go home just to do their responsibility as a voter.

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by Eccentric Yet Happy
  • It’s a great thing that there are organizations who are ready to give a helping hand especially those who desperately need one. OFW’s should really have some kind of protection. I am an OFW, too. I understand the plight of OFW’s.

  • Glad to know about these organizations. I am an OFW myself. Greetings from Abu Dhabi!

  • OFWs need all the care they can get. They are our country’s unsung heroes, so they deserve to be treated well.

    visiting from BC Bloggers

  • I don’t personally know any OFW, but I salute them. I’ve been encouraged a lot of times to work abroad, but I keep saying no. I can’t bear even just the thought of being away from my family. But these people chose to sacrifice and bear the hardship so they could give their families better means of life. They deserve to be given attention and helped.

  • It’s good that they created this foundation. I am an OFW luckily I haven’t experience maltreatment. But discrimination, apparently yes. We experience it but not to the extent that they treated us differently.

  • My Mom once an OFW for 15 years and i am glad nothing bad happened to her while working abroad

  • Pearl

    OFWs are the modern heroes, so they deserve to be treated as such, good thing the Philippine government is still doing its job of lifting them up.

  • Rae

    Thanks for this information. My brother is working in Saudi Arabia too. He might not know about this. I’ll share this to him.

  • i am glad that the government is doing their best to help OFW’s

  • Liz

    Good thing to know that they are investing in livelihood projects to help the much needy.

    Lizzie of Spread the Word!

  • Helpful especially to our OFW’s kababayan, i have also relatives working abroad so good to know there are organizations like Villar and Ople’s who are willing to help especially to our OFW.

  • This is a great initiative of the government. There are many more sad stories I’ve heard about OFWs. They really need support in their home country.

    The Twerp and I

  • Tin | The Average Jane

    Really nice to hear government projects like this for OFWs. Thanks for sharing! =)

  • It’s too sad Pinoys have to work abroad to earn a decent living. 🙁 My dad was an OFW. My bestfriend is. And I hate that they have to be so far away from me all the time.

  • Our OFWs deserve all the help from the government because they are sacrificing a lot for their family and they help with our economy as well. Thanks to these organizations that helps OFW.

  • OFW’s are modern heroes today! they’re big help on our economy and I believe they deserved a help and support to our government. Thanks for sharing! (:

  • our govt should really support our OFWs and at the same time create jobs here in our country

  • Our government should really help our fellowmen who are OFWs because they are still our countrymen and they are a great help to our economy 🙂

  • Hopefully our government will be more vigilant when it comes to OFW issues. I’m sure there are a lot of OFWs, especially in the Middle East, who need help.

  • My father was an OFW. Most of our relatives are also OFW. Still, I don’t like the idea of working abroad in exchange of your time with your family. Perhaps it’s much better if you’re still single but for those who has family… I don’t know.

  • CC

    At least some groups are paying attention to our OFWs needs. I hope more people, especially those in the government, care enough to help as well.

  • Gigi Beleno

    Its good to know that there is a private institution such as the Villar Foundation. They really are handy when at times our government comes short.

  • very good news to OFW. it seems that villar has several groups to help people, i saw one foundation in their commercial.

  • i am glad that there are organizations that truly help our OFWs. There is no amount of money will compensate the sacrifices of these people.

  • OFW’s are heroes that help their family and country 🙂 They deserve all the safety they can get while working away from their family and country. I hope that there is an organization that caters their safety and everything.

  • i’m an OFW, so it’s nice to hear about individuals, foundations who look for our welfare…hope it’s not just politically motivated…

  • The government really need to give more support for OFW’s. It’s not easy working in a foreign land where your rights and options are limited.

  • thanks for the info. I can share this to my aunt who’s an OFW. 🙂

  • it’s good to hear that the Villar’s are sharing their fortune. 🙂

  • Thaks for having foundations that really helps our fellow Filipinos working abroad. You are right, as families here in the Philippines, we can encouragae them to participate in the absentee voting and help them decide who among the candidates are really good to have positions in the national offices.

  • Eileen

    Great project. We will need to honor and help our OFWs because they are the ones keeping our economy going.

  • I saw his story on TV.. glad there are people really, who has the gift to help 🙂

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  • I can relate with this story since I’m an OFW for 4 years before being SAHM. Kailangan talaga natin nga mga ganitong organization to keep our fellow kabayans all around the world safe.

  • kath

    good to know that there’s an organization that helps our OFWs..

  • I saw his story on TV and on FB where in I also share it to friends..Good thing there’s still a foundation we can look up to..

  • Paula

    I saw his picture circulating in FB a few months ago. I’m glad he’s back home. I hope he gets the care he needs especially now that he can no longer work.

  • I have high regards to OFWs, I couldn’t imagine separating myself from my family. Good thing there are organizations out there to help them 🙂

  • I cannot imagine myself being an OFW. They sure need all the help they can in achieving their dreams for their families, also the ones here who are working very hard.

  • good thing there are these NGO’s that extend support to our OFWs, its should be the government responsibilities…

  • It’s nice to know that there’s an organization helping OFWs out there.

  • I saw this on the news and it’s really disheartening that it took this long before he was able to get help. Thankfully, there are NGOs that offer help when the government cannot do so.

  • Samantha Lee

    I saw this circulating in FB. There are also other foundations and NGO’s catering to OFW assistance.

    OFWs are really the heroes.

  • A Filipina Wife’s Diary

    OFW’s has been helping our economy for a very long time.. It’s good that we’re doing something for them in return..

  • Oh, they really discriminate Filipinos in other places? Hay, buti there are those in power who do something about this.

  • Good to know that NGOs are extending help to OFWs…

  • When I saw this on national television I felt really sad and pitied this man. He doesn’t deserve this accident because all he wanted is to help his family here in the Philippines. It’s really nice that there are groups helping our OFWs too. It’ll make them even stronger on their everyday fight abroad.

  • They should definitely register and vote too. And this time they should not just think about their family who are left here, but also think about voting for those who actually help the OFWs most and have a platform that will help improve their conditions.

  • Toots Ople and the people around her are doing great things for OFWs. I hope they continue doing so and that they will receive more support from the government.

    CoffeeGirl of

  • :)

    kawawa naman yung mama, tama dapat talaga magkaron ng mga services para sa mga ofw, kase sila yata ang may pinaka mataas na human violence or abuse rate eh.

  • The government should really work harder at protecting the welfare of the OFWs. It is not enough that we call them our modern day heroes, we need to do more.

    In addition, while government agencies should intensify their campaign against human trafficking and undocumented overseas employment, aspiring migrant workers should also protect themselves. Some are in a hurry to work abroad, preferring to bypass the proper channels not realizing the dangers. Then when something bad happens to them abroad, they blame the government.

  • You’re right. Although OFW’s are not here in the Philippines, their families are and their hard-earned money. They have the right to vote for politicians who will support OFW welfare abroad.

    These people go abroad with only their courage as their weapon. It’s fortunate for some countries because their consulate have the capacity to help them. But some are not very fortunate sadly :/

  • helenmarylabao

    my mom was an OFW for 7 years. sobrang hirap. sana nga makaboto sila ngmas madali this coming election.

  • Hats off to OFWs, our unsung heroes. Because of this organization, they’re now well taken care of. More power!

  • It’s good to know that an organization like this is in support with OFWs. The government should help them as well like the way they help the people here.

    **visit from BC Bloggers**

  • The plight of OFWs are sad. They sacrified being with their family only to experience unfair treatments from employers. Just glad to hear there are projects who could help now. Still I hope the solution would be that they can have good job here in our country so they no longer have to leave their family.