Reaching out for your dreams

We do all have dreams in life. Some dreams came true, some are not.

I would like to share to you about one of my dreams when I was young:
When I was about six years old, I dreamt to be a doctor someday. I want to help a lot of sick people who are in need to be cure with their illness. But when I turned ten years old, I told myself that I want to be a journalist. I realized that I can be like Maria Ressa and Cheche Lazaro. I love to read interesting articles in TIME and Newsweek after my class and watching CNN every weekend. Also, I love to express my feelings by jotting down in my journal when I was in high school. My classmates knew me of having an extra paper every time we have an essay type of examination.
When I was in college, I took up Computer Science instead of taking up Mass Communication. Then, I got bored studying different kinds of programming languages. After college, I’ve changed jobs more often and landed a job in the BPO industry few years ago, but I left due to health reason. One of my mentors, Mommy Che told me: Follow your heart. Chase your dream!
In 2011, I fulfilled my dream: as a blogger. Instead of pursuing a career as a journalist, I’ve created a blog on Tumblr and transfer here on Blogger. The rest is history. Prior to this, I tried to blog in 2000 and 2004 but I didn’t continue it because I have no time to update my blog in Geocities and Blogspot (now Blogger).
I didn’t give up on fulfilling one of my dreams. Have you give up your dreams? Don’t lose hope in chasing your dreams.  
by Eccentric Yet Happy

Christian Melanie Lee is a freelance social media manager and web developer. She also devoted her time managing her food blog, and music/concert blog. One of the Hootsuite Ambassador for the Philippines since 2014 and currently working as social media manager for the local band, The Itchyworms. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.