My bucket list for Christmas

Christmas season is fast approaching!

I am fond of shopping, especially for gadgets and clothes. I don’t have time strolling around the malls in the Metro due to my hectic schedule working as an online content writer, Social Media manager and recently, a frequent online shopper. Through online shopping, I discovered these great shirts from Blogger Shirts as well as this cute fashion dress from Zalora, I love browsing their websites and finding great deals

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Here’s the thing: I didn’t do post my bucket list here on my blog, but I want to share my bucket list for this coming Christmas:

1. New phone: I’ve been searching for a mobile phone that will suit my needs as a blogger. I’ve fond one particular model of a smartphone.

2. New shoes: I love to wear comfy shoes, but for this coming Yuletide season, I want to have Converse’s Chuck Taylor.

3. Vacation mode:  Since I began my career as a blogger, I’ve never been on a vacation before. With the kind of job I do, really need to take a brief vacation. Though, it’s impossible to have a vacation due to conflicts such as handling three clients and doing blogger stuffs online.

4. Pamper myself: I’ve visited a lot of skin care clinic for the past few months but I wasn’t able to fulfill a whole day relaxation. Hopefully to pamper myself one of these days.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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