Thirteen Pinoy YouTube Sensations united for Typhoon Yolanda relief

It’s been almost a month when the deadly typhoon that ever hit the Visayas region. A lot of countries helped our fellow kababayans to rebuild their lives and shared their blessings by sending them donations.


Youtube Ph Singers thumbnail

Recently, thirteen of the best Pinoy YouTube talents who came from different parts of the world, as they dedicated their time to this special song project.

In this particular video, YouTube sensations such as Zendee ‘the Random Girl’ Tenerefe, Aldrich Lloyd Talonding,Mark ‘Kram’ Agpas,
Bryson Andres, Mica Javier, Ashley & Amanda, Cezka Mariz, Ryan Narciso, Jett Hermano, Marielle ‘Yele’ Castro,
Marvin Calderon Jr and Joyce Jimenez  lend their voice in this heartwarming song, The Prayer.

This special collab which is designed to help raise global
awareness for the still ongoing need for aid and relief in the most
hard hit areas in the Philippines.

Watch the video above. Happy Holidays everyone!