AirAsia, BPI Express Credit launched BIG Loyalty Programme

Do you love to travel? Want to visit a lot of places in Asia?


Asia’s leading low cost carrier, AirAsia partnered with the country’s first bank,  Bank of the Philippine Islands launched AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme. It was held last May 13, 2014 at New World Hotel.

I was delighted to witness the partnership between AirAsia and BPI. And I’ve been planning to visit Macau for quite sometime. I can’t wait to use my AirAsia BIG card for my ultimate vacation later this year! What makes me excited about this is that BPI cardholders can convert their Real Thrills Rewards or RTR points to AirAsia BIG points. Sounds cool, eh?

Gracing the significant event are officials from BPI and AirAsia, members of media and bloggers.  According to Ginbee Go, SVP of BPI Payments and Unsecured Lending said, “We, in BPI, are deeply honored that AirAsia chose BPI as its first and exclusive bank partner for the rewards conversion program. AirAsia is not just an airline, it’s the World’s Best Low Cost Airline.”

Meanwhile, AirAsia BIG CEO Alice Goh overwhelmed on the partnership with BPI, “AirAsia BIG has over 70 regional partners, representing more than 1,500 brand in retail, finance, and tourism. We recognized BPI’s leadership in innovation and see this strategic alliance as mutually beneficial to both companies.”

You might wondering how to avail these perks. To avail this exciting treats from BPI Express Credit, visit AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme website, email them at or simply call BPI hotline at 89100 to convert your RTR points to BIG points.

And for those of you want to try AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme, AirAsia BIG will give 13% bonus BIG points to lucky BPI cardholders who want to convert a minimum of 300 RTR ponts or equivalent of 100 AirAsia BIG points. This launching offer is from May 13 to July 13, 2014. Convert your points to fly your dream destination in the Philippines and Asia!

Thanks BPI and AirAsia for these fab token! :)
Thanks BPI and AirAsia for these fab tokens! 🙂

For more information about AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme, check out AirAsia BIG Facebook page, follow AirAsia BIG on Twitter and Instagram. And for those who want to have BPI cards, visit their website for more details on their Real Thrills Rewards.

  • Nice partnership! I definitely love to travel and I also am using BPI. Their partnership with Air Asia would be a boost for them both! 🙂

  • Alaine

    Wow! Glad I’m with BPI. I wish I could attend events like this in the future. 🙂

  • Sherlane Fortunado

    Cool. It’s a great news that Air Asia and BPI are now in Partnership.

  • Oh wow! I’ve been a member of AisAsia for some time and we’ve been trying to accumulate as many points as we can. I also have a BPI card for ten years now and I’ve never claimed any of my RTR points. This is such good news! 😀

  • Hmmm… The link to the AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme website doesn’t work. 🙂

  • eccentricmelai

    lemme fix the link @rainbowjournal:disqus

  • eccentricmelai

    Check the link again on my post @rainbowjournal:disqus. it’s already fixed.

  • Jerboy Lupisan

    I wish AirAsia is also doing the same thing with banks here in Indonesia. Looks like I have to check that out.

  • Jhojo Villas

    Wow! That’s a good news, eh? I’m a BPI cardholder too. It;s great that We can convert now our RTR points into AirAsiaBIG points. Thanks for the info..:)

  • Mitchelle

    This is not just a big news for us it also means big savings for us. I hope they are going to open a flight from Thailand to Davao. ^_^

  • Millie

    I will check this out today! I’m glad I’m with BPI.. It must have been fun attending events like this! Thanks for spreading the Love! 🙂

  • JLo

    This confirms that BPI is really good with promos. Loyal BPI Account and Credit Holder ako for 20 years already.