Press Release

SKY Cable offers free channels until September 26

As part of SKY’s 25th anniversary treat, all channels from their learning channel line-up from September 19 to 26 for free! Tagged your kids by discovering the world at home through science, technology, wildlife, and history.


  • Promo is open to all new and existing SKYcable and Destiny Cable subscribers within the following areas:
    1. Mega Manila – Metro Manila, CAMANAVA, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan (San Jose Del Monte)
    2. Regional – Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Iloilo, Bacolod, Gensan and Dumaguete
  • From Sept. 19 – 26, 2015, the following channels will be made accessible:
    1. To digital subscribers with Standard Definition Boxes:

      • 1. Animal Planet
      • 2. Discovery Channel
      • 3. Discovery Science
      • 4. History Channel
      • 5. Nat Geo Wild
      • 6. National Geographic
    2. To digital subscribers with High Definition Boxes

      • 1. Animal Planet
      • 2. Discovery Channel
      • 3. Discovery HD World
      • 4. Discovery Science
      • 5. H2 HD
      • 6. History Channel
      • 7. History Channel HD
      • 8. Net Geo People HD
      • 9. Nat Geo Wild
      • 10. Nat Geo Wild HD
      • 11. National Geographic Channel
      • 12. National Geographic Channel HD
  • Access to additional Learning channels (those not included in paid subscription) will not be charged to the subscriber. Likewise, no adjustments will be made on the fees for add-on channels that the subscribers availed of during the promo period.

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