A letter to the future

Dear Future Husband,            

          The moment you’ve read this, you’ll probably give the special ring to me few months from now. Kneeling and showing your love to me in a romantic place nearby the city. Happiness sparks on us that the heavens rejoicing our union.
          I’ve been to several relationships since College. But I chose to be my husband-to-be. We’ve been through a lot of things from our past, yet we learned from our mistakes and challenge ourselves to start a new life to someone special in our life. Destiny binds us together. We crossed our paths and we didn’t notice that we’re already in love.
          I’ll be glad to be your wife. I will be a good provider to our kids someday. A devoted partner to you, in good times and in our darkest times of our lives. And I promise you that we will have a simple and happy family.
          We will spend our day listening to our favorite songs that we will scream our hearts out. Or going to a place, wherein we will spend most of the time sharing stories and munching some delectable food that we love. Taking care of our kids would be a great time, bonding with them and looking at them growing up.
I wish that we will spend our lifetime until we became grandparents to our grandchildren. It will be great when we will saw on how our grandkids play around our garden.
         I love you more! And I want to spend the rest of my life with you forever.

Your Future Wife

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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