Martial Law Baby: Circa 1980

     September 21, 1972. The day Martial Law implemented by former President Ferdinand Marcos.

 39 years ago, many things changed our country. Democracy binds us together. Even though we attained the freedom from the oppressed…are we really free?

    I was born during the time Martial Law still imposed by Marcos regime. My mom told me some stories that I ‘d never read on History books . I can’t imagine what it’s like living during that time. She told me that the exchange rate from U.S. Dollar to Peso is around 6 pesos per dollar. 

    My parents even went to rallies during that time. They saw how people reacted when that powerful law had gone through. When they managed Angkong’s (means Grandfather in Fookien) business, they also struggle getting a permit to travel livestock chickens from a poultry somewhere in Bulacan to Manila and vice-versa. They might catch by the PC or Philippine Constabulary (now Philippine National Police). Curfew executed and crime rate drops at that time.

  They always say:

 Mabuti pa nung panahon ni Marcos maayos ang buhay, hindi kagaya ngayon.

  Life’s better during Marcos’ time, unlike today.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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