Wish List for my 31st Birthday: #10 – Shoes on the Racks

        Two months from now, I’ll be turning 31. I’m not getting younger.  I just want to fulfill my wish, so that my birthday a memorable one.

        I’ve been fascinated with shoes since I was in high school. My mom always bought me shoes every now and then. I had a lot of shoes in my room. I can’t decide whether to box them on our stockroom or not.

        I just want to add my own collection of shoes. I was stunned when I saw an awesome boots at Payless. I have to find cheaper boots at SM Megamall next month. I just want to wear boots occasionally, for a change. :)

I want to wear this! Love it! :)

Hope to have this one on November. :)
     When I was in College, I use to wear Converse’s Chuck Taylor whenever there’s an activity in school. It makes me comfortable when I’m wearing it. Donned with goth skirt with these fabulous shoes must have for my birthday. The last time I bought a pair of Chucks that was 6 years ago…Whoa! One of these days, I’ll be going to TriNoma to find one fine pair of these colorful Chucks! :)
Chuck Taylor’s Okinawa….I have to find this one online or in Converse Concept store in TriNoma. 
I want to collect more Chucks! :)
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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