Wish List for my 31st Birthday: # 8 – Sleek Mobile Phone

      It’s been a while when I got my own mobile phone few years back. I’d been changing phone for quite sometime. But I want to have a new phone for my birthday. I lost my phone for a year, while going to my job interview in Makati. And I found out that my phone was stolen inside my bag while riding in the bus on my way home.

    I decided not to own a phone for a year.
    Recently, I went to Nokia Store in SM Fairview, just to check out their new phone models. And when I saw Nokia X2-01, I was stunned and I just to have that one. 
Nokia X2-01. Photo courtesy of Nokia Philippines

    My mom told me that she will gave me a mobile phone for my birthday. She thought I like Nokia’s X3. But I told her earlier this evening that I like X2-01.

It was supposed to be my phone few months back, when Mom gave a new mobile phone to my cousin . :(

   Can’t wait to have this awesome mobile phone. And I will keep it forever. :)


by Eccentric Yet Happy

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