Confession of a Comic Strip Lover

     While reading an old newspaper few days ago, I saw a copy of Aha Hule that was published few weeks ago. I was like laughing at that time. I can’t imagine myself being obsessed with comic strips.
    I became a collector of Betty and Veronica and Charlie Brown’s Peanuts since I was 8 years old. Mom always gave me a copy of these two awesome comics every week. But I stopped collecting it when we got separated with my Dad when I was 10 years old.
   And for the past few years, I became a comic strip lover when I stumbled upon Greco Milabiling’s Aha Hule Komiks in Manila Bulletin‘s Sunday Comics section. From Day One, I always have a copy of it.
Aha Hule
Beho and Bebe are such a wonderful couple. Indeed, sweet yet have some petty quarrels. That’s why I love them. 

Aside from my favourite Beho and Bebe, here are some of my favey comic strips that I regularly read on during my free time
Quipino’s cute! :)  My jaw almost dropped laughing whenever I read this hilarious comic strip.
Life in Progress
One of my favorite! It reminds me of my emo days. The other side of me is being serious. I like Zeke. I think he’s lovable and easy to be with.

I love Ambush! She’s such a brave girl! Girl power!


by Eccentric Yet Happy

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