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Since I’ve got my phone few weeks ago, I went through several changes on my apps. Downloaded thru Android Market, I’d tried several apps before deciding to use it for my job as a freelance blogger.


Here’s my apps on my Samsung Galaxy Y!
Music Paradise

Perfect app for music lovers. They have a wide variety of genres online. I was shocked when I saw Chicosci on Music Paradise’s library. It’s easy to download your favorite songs.

A wide variety of music genres online at Music Paradise.

Dolphin Browser HD

I love using Dolphin Browser. You can do a gesture that automatically direct to your favorite websites by bookmarking it. Like what I did for my bookmark, I just do the doodle… Gm for Gmail, F for Facebook. It’s easy to use, without hassle typing those URLs.

Dolphin Browser: A convenient way of browsing is putting some tabs for easy access online.


Draw a gesture for your favorite websites.


Here’s the list of gestures for every action you can do on Dolphin.


Are you the type of person who likes to compose drafts for your own blog? Evernote is one of my blogging tool online. All I have to do is I do some drafts on my Memo app installed on my Galaxy Y. Afterwards, I send it via Evernote online. That’s makes my job as a blogger easier.

You can take some pictures while you’re logged in on your Evernote app.



My favorite imaging app ever since I’ve got my mobile phone few weeks ago.You can edit your pictures with 17 imaging style like Lomo, Fisheye and Sepia. You can actually share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s my slide show of pictures captured with Lightbox Camera


Another Android version of Blogger (There’s a original version of Blogger for Android but my phone is not compatible with the app.) It’s different with the one on the Web. You have to put it the word “italic”, “bold”,”underline” before in a paragraph. It’s easy to use for those updating their blog on mobile.

It’s easy to use. But if you’re into HTML, you can do this with this app.
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