Turning A Year Older | Happy Birthday to Me

   Few hours from now, I’ll be turning a year older. There’s a lot of things happened to me for the past few months of my life as a blogger. Seven months as a blogger… a life changing experiences that makes me happy and contented. Winning online contests that I didn’t really expected that I won.

   Thank you guys…my followers on Tumblr and here in my blog for make my dreams come true. You always make my day, with your wonderful comments, and bringing back my confidence as a person.

   Thanks Nuffnang Philippines for making it happen and for giving me an amazing opportunity to empower myself as a blogger. Being a Nuffnanger…it’s an honor to be one of your extraordinaire blogger. Thank you for believing in me, guys!

   Thank you to my new family, Pinoy Popcast, for giving me an opportunity to share my talent as a writer. More featured articles to come.

   And I would like to thank my fellow blogger friends for utmost support that you gave me since Day 1.

   It will be my first birthday as a blogger. And I will continue to strive and to blog interesting stuffs.

   Happy birthday to me…have a great one, Melanie! :)

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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