A Run For The Philippine Rivers | UP Oblation Run

UP oblation run is an annual and traditional event in the University of the Philippines where members of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity run naked around the UP campus.

The event, which was first organized in 1977 at University of the Philippines Diliman, is an annual tradition of the said fraternity to promote Hubad na Bayani (Tagalog for Naked Hero), a play. It draws its name from the Oblation, a statue of a nude man located in every University of the Philippines (UP) campus, which symbolizes “a selfless offering of one’s self to the country.”
Now on its 34th year, the UP oblation run was done with an ecological cause – for the protection of Philippine rivers!
Themed “A Run for Philippine Rivers,” APO members did not only run wearing just a mask and exposing their private parts but they also brought placards with them calling for the protection of rivers in the Philippines.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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