A New Year, A New Beginning

  It’s been a year of unexpected things happened for the year 2011. I started blogging since May of 2011 in Tumblr and in August here in Blogger, I didn’t expect that more people appreciated my blog posts. Won several contests from Nuffnang Philippines, When In Manila, Pizza Hut Philippines, and Samsung Mobile Philippines, it’s really an awesome year to me. 

  It’s my privileged to be a part of the exciting world of blogosphere. Sharing my articles to others, and attending events. I learned more things as a blogger. More projects to come along my way this coming January. And expect more blog posts from me.Arriving soon, my own domain this coming month.

  Have a great 2012 to all!

  Thank you for those who appreciated my blog. To my blogger friends, thank you for being a part of my life. See you all soon, guys! More events, and more PRs from companies who supported our blogs.


~ Eccentric Yet Happy

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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