Meet Your Future Significant Other | I Am Single

I am Single is the ULTIMATE SINGLES COMMUNITY in Facebook.

Are you single? Waiting for your someone you will love for the rest of your life?

Here’s your chance meeting up that special person who will complete you as a person.

Like I Singles’ Facebook Page:

Here you will have a chance to meet your fellow single individual.

Be friends w/ them. Know them better. Mingle w/ them. Date w/ them.

To qualify to join, you must meet all the following criteria:

1. age 18 and above

2. a Certified Single (The FB Relationship status should show “Single”) We have an 

investigative team that will confirm if you are showing the truth.

3. no disrespect, should be a straight MALE or FEMALE only.


1. Respect. No foul language. Show respect to each other. 

2. No sharing of contact details on the wall. You may PM (private message each other)

3. No “Kiss and Tell”.

4. No “Out of Topic postings”


This community will not be held liable for any accidents/incidents that may 

happen between individuals in any instances

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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