Breathtaking view of Mt. Pulag

Thirty one years, I’ve been battling asthma since birth. I’m use to it…taking a lot of medicines and avoiding a lot of foods everyday.

Last January, some of my blogger friends in a group page on Facebook posted about “Who has asthma in here?” I quickly responded the thread, and found out that we’re 5 in the group has asthma. We exchanged our own experiences on preventing asthma attacks and stuffs related to asthma.   

Someone from the group initiated, “Do you want to come for a hike?” “Mt. Pinatubo?” When someone told us that it’s not a time to trek Mt. Pinatubo, instead we’re heading to an adventure to Mt. Pulag. And we’re planning to trek around Mt. Pulag by April of 2013.

We want to prove that even though we have asthma, we can hike the highest peak in the country. 

Facts about Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag is the third highest peak in the country, covered 11,550 hectares with parts in Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya. This mountain was declared a national park in 1987 in order to preserve and protect the ecology and endangered animals of the area. Several tribes in the area call Mt. Pulag home and consider it sacred.

The journey through Mt. Pulag can be long and arduous, but definitely rewarding. At 2,922 meters or 9,587 feet above sea level, Mt. Pulag has one of the best sunset and sunrise views. Highlights of the climb include the montane forests and the grassland summit with its “sea of clouds” phenomenon.
One has two options in Mt. Pulag: The easy climb through the Ambangeg trail (half-day climb) or the much harder Akiki trail (2-day climb).

The Mt Pulag Philippines Ranger’s Station, located at the southern part to the Pulag’s ecosystem with a trail that is clothed with mossy forest, is the main entry point in trekking the mountain.

From the Pulag grassland camp, trekkers can spend the night, the trek will be en route to Tawangan via the Trappers trail – Halong Creek route which is blessed with breathtaking panoramic views and mossy forest and where the community of the Kalanguya tribe is found.

From Tawangan, trekkers can spend the second night, they can also visit the four mystic lakes namely Tabeyo, Bulalacao, Incolos, and Detepngepos described as icy cool and crystal clear water and lush green foliage that refreshes the soul.

Save the date: April 8-April 30, 2013

For those who wanted to join us in our adventure, visit our Facebook event posting.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

By eccentricyethappy

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