Greatness Begins @Home

An achievement starts at home is overwhelming when your family supported you all the time. It’s great when they heard good news about your chosen career.

My TESDA days
As I finished my techvoc studies at TESDA and Informatics two years ago, I landed a job in a BPO company. Afterwards, I switched to one job to another, just to sustain the needs of my family. Last year, someone adviced me to follow what I really like to do in life. What I really love is to write articles and poems. I love to write since I was in college. And dreamt to have a career in the field of journalism when I was in grade school.

May, 2011: As I started to blog in Tumblr, a lot of people followed me. They liked what I posted every night. Few months after, I decided to migrate my blog to Blogger platform. And I’m blogging at the convenience of my humble abode. 
My blog, Eccentric Yet Happy

For almost a year, I’m now a web content writer and a full time blogger. And I’m handling several blogs and attending events every now and then. I’m earning at the tip of my phone. You heard me right…I’m blogging thru my smartphone.

Before, my blog, Eccentric Yet Happy is a personal weblog but I’ve shift into a lifestyle and entertainment niche last November. Got some loyal followers from Tumblr and Blogger. And achieved a lot from my blogposts…people recognized me the way I express myself thru my blog entries. 

by Eccentric Yet Happy

Christian Melanie Lee is a freelance social media manager and web developer. She also devoted her time managing her food blog, and music/concert blog. One of the Hootsuite Ambassador for the Philippines since 2014 and former social media manager for the local band, The Itchyworms. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.