I’ve been listening to a wide variety of music. From reggae to techno to trance to rock music, listening to it I felt relaxed yet I’m eager to do some stuffs while playing it on my radio for hours.

Few years ago, my cousin went here in our country for a vacation. And he introduced me to his favorite DJ, Tiesto. I’ve been listening to Paul Van Dyk, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Jean Michel Jarre since then.

Recently, I’m honored to interview my childhood friend and former classmate, DJ Jeff Almighty aka Jeff Lupato, resident DJ of Insomnia Malate and Uno Pizzeria.

How did you start your career as a DJ?

I started when I was third year high school student. My dad is an Opera singer and music coordinator and he made a small sound system business that time. That time I have DJ friends and I asked them why they want to be a DJ, they told me that “so that we can put a sound system business. in future”.

Then I told myself that we have a sound system businss so all I need is to have a CDJ100s Pioneer player that I can practice in my home. Then the passion starts and I practice silently for so long. I work with my dad as his P.A. and sound technician and a DJ on their wedding gigs. I play Ballroom music and Retros that time at Manila Hotel.

My break starts at SKY BOWL at Robinsons Galleria. It’s a billiard hall and bowling alley. Mr.Paeng Nepomuceno saw me playing music then I introduced the DISCO BOWLING here in Philippines! It was a big success and he opened a franchise at Eastwood City Libis (Paeng’s Eastwood Bowl and Billiard). I’m a resident DJ there for 7 yrs now every Friday and Saturday. I’m the first DJ who Introduce DISCO BOWLING here in Philippines (not bragging, I’m just proud and happy)

How can you manage your time doing your sets at Insomnia Malate and Uno Pizzeria?

I play at UNO Pizzeria as a midsetter. It’s around 10pm- till 12:30am then hangout with my boss till 3am then ill go back to Malate at Insomnia to play the closer set of 4am-6am.

I always listened to your tracks on SoundCloud. Do you prepare your own music?

Wow thanks alot. Yes I do. Most of my music are underground or deep remixed with the help of my foreign DJs. Then I will play it live here in my mini studio and at the same time recording it.

What can you say about the potential of Filipino DJs on the international scene?

Pinoy DJs really dominates the industry of music. Majority of well known music producers here are just selling their tracks outside the country. Someday Pinoy DJs will be more recognize in other countries.

Any music influences?

TIESTO, Armin, Salsa and Samba House

What advice/s you can give to aspiring DJs?

All I can say to the new blood is just play with your heart, learn how to move the crowd, don’t stick on your top 40 songs, learn how to play an opener set, mid set and closer set because prime time set are way too easy even you close you eyes you can make them dance. Learn to read notes or learn to hear notes and keys. Don’t CHEAT on playing music.

Your future plans?

To play more. I’m just thankful that I’m here to help and inspire others.

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