Chicken is one of the best meals that I truly enjoyed munching while blogging all night and it is also an alternate to pork and beef. As I grew up in the chicken industry(My parents established a live and dressed chicken business for almost 25 years before they decided to retire from the industry.), I learned more about different kinds of chicken dishes.

Devoured myself to this…nom nom nom! :)

When I heard there’s a great place to eat delectable chicken down South, I went to the best gourmet fried chicken in the Metro…Chicken Delish. And recently, they participated during Best Food Forward at NBC Tent last weekend.

Chicken Delish is a gourmet style fried chicken joint owned by fellow blogger Annalyn Jusay-Zoglmann. There’s a lot of variety of flavors to choose from and tasty sauces to sum up your taste.

“Chicken is something every member of my family loves and experimenting on the many ways to cook it was a natural progression of our passion for all things poultry-related. I have to admit that the internet helped me in this regard as I stumbled upon a few recipes and modified them to suit our taste.”

“It came to a point that I wasn’t just happy serving my chicken at home as I was also pondering my retirement from the corporate jungle and embarking on a business. Am really entrepreneurial by nature and I saw a trend for gourmet fried chicken in the market, not just inasal. I went ahead to test my business idea in the Soderno Sunday market last year and after its initial success with the weekend crowd, an opportunity came for me to open a stand-alone store at the Caltex Gas station in Better Living, Paranaque City. I’ve also been joining bazaars like the Midnight Mercato in the Fort to gain further exposure for my product,” says Annalyn.

When I tasted one of their bestsellers, Pinoy Barbeque sauce…I devoured myself to it. Though I didn’t mind my allergy, I want to eat a lot of spicy and tasteful fried chicken.

Fellow blogger Annalyn Jusay-Zoglmann and her best selling gourmet fried chicken during the Best Food Forward at NBC Tent.

Annalyn’s still under constant experimentation to discover more flavorful sauces for her fried chicken. Their bestsellers are sweet and spicy sauce which matches my taste bud and Pinoy barbecue which I recommend for those who likes garlic-taste fried chicken. And there’s Sriracha, a Thai hot sauce mixed with butter and honey. Sometimes there’s a lot of people who asked them for traditional buffalo wings. Chicken Delish also has a bottle ready along with blue cheese dressing. Four-piece chicken wings cost only P90 while their two-piece drumsticks are at P120.

“It is my dream to open more stores and then perhaps I can fulfill my wish to retire from my 9 to 5 job. Am glad to say that I’ve had a customer who’s eaten our fried chicken with sauce everyday for the last two months. It is quite addicting!” she added

Bon Appetit!

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