Rocker Chic Since Birth

I’ve been listening to a wide variety of genres from Pop to Reggae to Ska to Rock.

My mom told me a story about how I fell asleep listening to The Beatles and The Cars when I was a toddler. My dad is a huge Beatles fan. He collected a lot of things like Beatles LPs to expensive Beatles collectibles.

I started to listen to rock music when I was in sixth grade. Every night, I switched my walkman to NU 107 and fond of hearing songs from Nirvana to Stone Temple Pilots.

I became a full pledge rocker chic when I was in college and had my first boyfriend, Mark who also listening to grunge and heavy metal tunes.

Since then, I always watched some of our very own homegrown talents like Sponge Cola, Typecast, Chicosci, Valley of Chrome, Imbue No Kudos and other indie rock bands around. And I wear goth attire whenever I’m hanging out with my rocker friends in Malate.

I stopped going to concerts and gigs when I started to work in a company five years ago.

I will always be a rocker chic til I have my own family.

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by Eccentric Yet Happy

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