Nominate Your Favorite Blogs | Tatt Awards 2012

Nowadays, there’s a lot of emerging blogs in the world of blogosphere. As the country’s leading telecommunication company,Globe Telecom is on the hunt for the fresh, creative blogs for the upcoming Tatt Awards 2012.

Here are categories for the hippiest social media awards ever:

The One – Nothing says “best blogger” like the recipient of this award. One of the most respected, the best of the best—and simply, the awesomest of them all.

Stylisimo – From the latest threads to the most happening trends: the Stylisimo Award goes to the chic-est virtual fashion vixen!

The Explorer – Pumped-up travelers, adventure-seekers, and frequent fliers all qualify for The Explorer award.

Game Changer – From football to basketball, tennis to boxing—you can be sure that The Game Changer is online, keeping score!

The Visualizer – The Visualizer awards the best photo blogger who’s able to immortalize moments, objects, and just about anything online.

#Thought-Mover – The #Thought-Mover Award goes to the hashtag that trended the most online.

Video Slinger – The Video Slinger award goes to the most creative and exciting vlogger whose videos we found worthy of streaming into our homes!

Indie Rocker – From rap to rock, hip-hop to pop – the Indie Rocker knows the ins and outs of music like the back of his gig-stamped hand!

The Advocate – The Advocate award to the one who’s doing his part in making the world a better place.

Tech Junkie – Tech Junkie Award salutes the blogger who’s the most up-to-date with the newest technology, gadgets, and games.

Cast in your votes by visiting Tatt Awards’ website:

Nomination period ends on May 20, 2012. Get those nominations in because every nomination counts!

Together, explore the amazing world of blogosphere!

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