How I Became a Vegan

Few weeks ago, a lot of my friends keep on asking me on how I became a vegan. They didn’t know that I am vegan. And I’m proud to say that being a vegan, my mantra is always be “stay fit everyday!”.

Two years ago when my doctor told me that I have scoliosis after I experienced severe chest pain for two consecutive days, he advised me not to eat meat and oily foods. At first, I had to accept the truth of the diagnosis that was given to me during that day.

And shifting from a flexitarian to lacto vegetarian, a lot of sacrifices that I did for the sake of my health.  I make it to the point that I can control myself and not to entice eating small amount of meat. 
There’s a lot of meat replacements that I love to eat. And being a vegan, I always monitoring my food intake everyday. No MSG on all meals and I always ask my Mom to prepare some meals that I love like salads and sumptuous healthy veg meals that make me rejuvenate.
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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