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PILIPINAS Productions recently launched – a free online social networking service and digital entertainment provider. aims to connect millions of people worldwide through its community-based programming. Membership is free and it intends to feature premium in-house produced shows, member-exclusive events page, user-based content (videos, pictures, and micro-blogs), and exciting online contests. One of its missions is to build fun and friendly online activities and content where individuals, companies, groups, and communities across the globe can converge, share information, and win fabulous prizes. is a social network that hosts a variety of shows and fun content that allows its users to interact and socialize than just being passive viewers. produces and hosts a selection of online activities and contests that come with a generous number of possibilities for its registered users to win prizes and rewards.

Part of Peekbox’s mission is to bring back the value of real friendships and real socializing. It intends to push the boundaries of online social networking by being more than just click and share and by building an actual community filled with energy, excitement, and entertainment that will speak the universal language of celebration. It is possibly the first and only service in Asia that offers online-content-to-on-ground-event concepts.

Unlike most popular social networking websites, its value lies in its humanitarian forethought and the people behind this brainchild. Its unique selling point is in its advocacy to help people to really socialize and to really connect. boasts of people with the vision to create a service that builds not just a virtual society but a truly connected community. Fans and music lovers can now be updated with the latest updates on their favorite OPM artists, exclusive VIP passes in the hottest events in the Metro, and behind-the-scenes exclusives in today’s hottest concerts and musical events by signing up on


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