Walking Routine Everyday Helps Me To Prevent Asthma Attacks

A lot of people keep on asking me on how could stay fit though I have an asthma for such a long time. 
Here is my story on how I stay healthy by doing walking routine everyday:

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Aside from jogging, walking is one of the exercise I love doing everyday. Staying fit is my mantra. And it became my routine before going to my daily tasks as a blogger.
My maintenance medicine for asthma: Seretide

I’ve been battling asthma since birth. And didn’t cured it when I reached at the age of 7. I’d experience a lot of stuggles on having asthma attack.

There was a time that I was totally passed out. I can’t breathe and I was lying on my bed for 2 days.My mom gave me my nebulizer, but it didn’t work.

Few years ago, I decided to try walking around our place. My mom asked me to run errands. Instead of riding a jeepney, I walked from our house to the guardhouse of our subdivision. It took me 30-45 minutes to do it. I see to it that I passed by the long stairs around our clubhouse before going home.
After a few days, it helped me a lot in order for me to be alert in having asthma attacks. Aside from avoiding oily food intake, I see to it that I have a bottle of water in my bag.
My doctor told me that I did the right thing for me to recover from it. He also adviced me to whistle more often if asthma triggers.
Proper diet, and exercise helped me in fighting over asthma.
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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