What Kind of Vegan Are You?

While searching for a resto that serves veg meals that my siblings and I planning to have dinner this coming Saturday, I’m the kind of person whose choosy in suggesting food joint to them. I kept on telling them that if they planned to eat in a fancy restaurant, they must have  that suits my diet.

I’m a lacto vegetarian/lactarian for almost two years. I hate eating seafoods and eggs. Coincidentally, my doctor adviced me to eat any meals with eggs even before I became a vegan. Maybe you’ll ask me: how can I control my food intake if my Mom and siblings are carnivores?

Well, I always asked my Mom to cook vegetable meals everyday. I devoured myself eating chocolate and pastries, if she doesn’t like to prepare one. If there’s meat on our dining table, I’ll buy meat replacement and cook for myself. 

Do you know what kind of vegan are you?

According to Buzzle’s website, there are different kinds of vegetarian:

They only indulge in food sources that qualify as fruits although including add-ons like seeds and nuts in some cases. Grains, veggies and animal produce are avoided, where a true fruitarian is one whose diet is largely based on eating fruit only.

Lacto-ovo Vegetarians
They only eat vegetable-based food but indulge in eggs / dairy products. They don’t eat meat of any sort, but consume dairy products / eggs.

Lacto Vegetarians
Also known as lactarians, they allow dairy products into their diet, except eggs as part of the diet. Gelatin,which is made from the connective tissue of animals and rennet prohibited in this kind of diet. There are substitutes for animal rennet that are vegetable-based, making it suitable for lacto vegetarians to consume.

Ovo Vegetarians
They include eggs in their diet but no dairy products of any kind. They prefer consuming free-range eggs as opposed to those that are produced from caged hens. 

This kind of vegetarian consumes anything but they abstains from meat of all kinds except fish and shellfish. They allowed dairy products, eggs and other food ingredients in their diet but they stay clear from animal meat. 

They also called semi-vegetarianism because they chooses to eat meat not on a daily basis. 

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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