April 16, 2024

4 thoughts on “What Kind of Vegan Are You?

  1. I’m not a vegetarian but I love veggies and vegans lol…

    Your article reminds me my old days – old times when I was a pure manila boy, my favorite place is at the ground floor of rob in Otigas. yum yummm

  2. I am not a vegetarian. But I always like the idea of becoming a FRUITARIAN. I actually tried being one before but failed :-(sigh. Maybe, I should be a fruitarian again so I will lose weight na!

  3. ang galing ah. i’ve never known a vegan. pero seriously, how do you do it? kasi, every time i’m around meat, especially delicious meals, hindi ko talaga nareresist. at least your diet forces you to be really healthy. :)

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