May 30, 2024

7 thoughts on “Of Sarah Pope, Plagiarism and Tirade Against Bloggers

  1. He should make a public apology for all the lies and wrong words or else he should resign.

  2. t.Tito Sotto’s camp is still firm on their denial that they did not plagiarized. Anyway ,politicians are known liars and thieves, so they will not admit it.

  3. Yes, it is plagiarism in its most blatant form. Their ignorance is simply unacceptable. I have no kind words for Sen. Sotto.

  4. I hope Tito Sotto does not win in the next election and I feel he won’t. You are right are post are meant to be shared but we also need to be acknowledged.

  5. I’ve read Sarah Pope’s post myself, and I even took time to browse through the comments. It was unbelievable that instead of issuing a sincere apology, Atty. Villacorta (if indeed that was him) had to, in so many words, declare that lifting Pope’s contents without proper acknowledgment a non-issue.

    And on the “blogger lang ‘yon” issue, that was below the belt. Okay, so we’re just bloggers, but whether Sen. Sotto knows it or not, bloggers when united can elicit social change.

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