A lot of people are asking why there is a need for a seminar about utilizing the internet to win the 2013 elections when everybody is on the internet.
A ComScore report revealed that the Philippines is the top Facebook Market in the World with 93.7% reach. Facebook is the most common touchpoint for web users here, Facebook is the number 1 site in the Philippines and average use is 7 hours per user.
Filipinos living abroad or those that are nonresident here are also heavy consumers of Filipino news. News about their country, about their community and about local blogs and websites that match their passions and interests get high visits.
More and more Filipinos are owning smartphones with mobile data plan so internet access is in their hands. Majority of the Filipino population owns a mobile phone and more or less 40 million text messages are sent everyday.
If you are a candidate or a political consultant, you will want to make use of this data to advance your campaign, your candidacy and take advantage of the net and social media’s power to win the next election.
President Barack Obama effectively used social media and the internet to his advantage. He is a walking success story of how the power of internet and social media brought him to lead the United States of America.
The Philippines is the social networking capital of the world and why on earth are you not taking advantage of it to get your advocacies, your platforms, your campaign on the 93.7% reach of social networking sites?
ComScore listed that the age bracket of users are from 15-54, most of whom are voters.
If you are on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, are you doing it right? Are you using it to your advantage? Is your online community vibrant and growing? How is your online image? Is it what it is supposed to be?
Political staff, political strategists, community managers, Digital PR companies, social media managers, information officers, online reputation managers are called upon to attend a two-day seminar on how to “UTILIZE THE INTERNET TO WIN THE 2013 ELECTIONS”. It is a two-day learning session on September 20-21, 2012 at the Pines View Hotel in Baguio City.
You may contact the owner of this blog regarding the for details. Get a 10% discount on fees by using a special code from this blog.
Save the date. Social media superstars like Tonyo Cruz, Rosario Juan , both dubbed as #hashtag hero by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Janette Toral, founder of digitalfilipino.com will share their expertise and insights that will be very useful for a political campaign.
Reserve now, as of this writing, only few slots are available.
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