Can’t Stop Laughing at Hilarious "Oppa Gangnam Style" Parodies

With more than 166 millions views on Youtube, Korean rapper Psy‘s song “Oppa Gangnam Style” became famous with wacky dance moves and outrageous music video that I can’t stop laughing while watching a lot of versions” of it.

Gangnam is a very affluent part of Seoul, and it is located south of the Han River. ‘Gangnam’ means ‘South of the River’.

About this song, Psy tries to win his dream girl, who is “warm and human during the day, a classy girl who understands the freedom of having a cup of coffee. A girl whose heart grows hotter as the night approaches, a girl with that kind of twist… A girl who looks quiet but knows how and when to party, a girl who lets her hair down when she feels it is the right time. A girl who covers up but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all, a sensual girl like that.”

Here are some of hilarious versions of Psy’s “Oppa Gangnam Style”:

Davao’s pride Bogart the Explorer also known as Giniling Festival’s drummer Marco Ho. His version,“Bogart Gangnam Style (Oppa Gangnam Style Parody)” as he takes to different places around the Metro, from Luneta to Ayala, to the elevator, to the men’s room, and he rides the jeepney, the calesa, and the LRT.

Eric “Eruption” Tai of It’s Showtime’s version of the said song. This wacky video “Gangnam Style-Pinoy Style” was created by GRNMNGO and a lot of celebrities like Slater Young, Randy Santiago, Anne Curtis, Gab Valenciano, Coleen Garcia, Ryan Bang, Megan Young, Young JV, Christian Bautista, Tim Yap, Ginger Conejero and others have a cameo appearance in this video.

Internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Mike Song along his mother, Mrs. Song did their own dance moves captured in this video. As they did the video titled ” Umma Gangnam Style”. Mike’s mother is 60 years old, and she still energetic dancing this upbeat song.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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