With the emergence of high definition video, the increasing demand for high quality audio is nothing but natural. Traditionally, to fully enjoy an HD movie, one would require a Blu-ray Disc Player or Smart Media Player connected to an AV receiver with five satellite speakers and a subwoofer, which is then connected to the TV. All these connections make watching movies complicated and even messy. Some may just settle for mediocre audio when they find the complexity of set-up is not worth their while.

But with the SoundBar CSS5123, Philips presents a hi-tech yet simple solution to this predicament. “Essentially, the SoundBar is an all-in-one speaker system that’s designed and engineered to play high definition movies and music, wirelessly or otherwise, while producing high quality cinematic sound. It is part of the Philips Fidelio range of premium audio products,” explains Mr. Franco Flameno, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle Entertainment, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philippines. “In this day and age, there’s no more excuse to have a subpar audio system. Speaker systems are now expected to be multifunctional and convenient.”

A 2012 Red Dot Design winner, the SoundBar CSS5123 is a premium speaker system that caters to the demands of the thriving home entertainment market. “The unmistakably superior sound quality can be attributed to its integrated powerful speakers and a wireless subwoofer,” Flameno explains. “It utilizes Virtual Surround Sound technology wherein the speakers are angled accordingly to create a surround sound effect for a realistic movie experience.” Additionally, the SoundBar CSS5123 features a DoubleBASS technology which enhances the bass for a deeper and fuller effect. Moreover, its sleek design offers versatility to be placed anywhere.

Flameno points out, “a good home speaker is one that is not tedious to set up, boasts compatibility, and most importantly, delivers an amazing and powerful surround sound.” The SoundBar gains an edge in compatibility and convenience as it is an AV receiver in itself, allowing any DVD or Blu-ray Disc Player to be paired seamlessly through AUX, optical or coaxial connections and produce equally high quality sound. Furthermore, a built-in Smart Media Player allows one to simply connect the media source, like an external hard drive, via USB and the SoundBar will access and play all media files. Users can enjoy full HD video projection on TV as it plays cinematic audio.

Flameno adds that the Soundbar can also wirelessly connect with Android phones and tablets. “With SimplyShare technology and Wi-Fi, we made it easy for users to stream movies and even music via an Android device or PC,” explains Flameno.

“We at Philips have made it a point to make meaningful innovations such as the Soundbar to give only the best experiences for our consumers. It’s all about making lives simpler for all of us,” he concludes. With its array of features, the Philips Soundbar CSS5123 is seemingly the right fit for a premium home entertainment system, providing cinematic surround sound for a more immersive and realistic viewing experience.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

By eccentricyethappy

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