Successful launching of Calla Lily’s album "Flower Power" at Eastwood

Photo credit: Universal Records’ Facebook page

Last October 12, Eastwood Central Plaza Mall became a rocker’s lair when pop-rock quartet Calla Lily launched their new album, “Flower Power”.

As expected, a lot of Callalistas went to see Kean, Tatsi, Lemuel and Aaron performed their latest single “Pasasalamat” which is currently number one at MYX Countdown.  Also they sang their notable hits like “Stars”, “Magbalik”, “Tabi” and other songs that their fans like singing with them during that night.

Calla Lily’s “Flower Power” has 10 tracks and it’s under Universal Records. It is now available on all record bars, and on iTunes.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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