Wish List for my 32nd Birthday | #9 New Beho?

That’s Beho and Bebe. My favorite characters in Kuya Greco Milabiling’s Aha Hule Komiks.

Recently, a lot of my friends kept on asking me: Who’s the lucky ONE?

No, I don’t have a special someone right now. But…I’m inspired!

I’ve been single for quite sometime. And turning 32 this coming month, I think I’m ready to enter a new relationship. Having an enjoyable career as a blogger yet I have to wait for L-O-V-E!

Right now, I’m happy because a lot of blessings coming along my way. And this is the sign: destiny.

I’m still hoping that will meet my Beho soon. A special guy who will support me in all my decisions in life. He will  always be to the rescue whenever I’m sad. And definitely, he will love me back.

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