iPhone loses trademark battle vs Mexican firm iFone

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Recently, a court in Mexico City denied Apple’s petition to protect the iPhone brand.  iFone, a Mexican software firm had the rights to that name.

According to iFone’s lawyer, Eduardo Gallastegui said that it was “the third time Apple lost” which “demonstrates the legal truth” that “iFone is within its full right to use its brand.”

In 2009, Apple sued the Mexican company demands that it should stop using the name because phonetic similarities cause confusion among users.

However, the court denied the petition after authorities found out that iFone registered its name in Mexico in 2003, four years before Apple introduced the iPhone to the Mexican market.

Also, a report from a local paper quoted Gallastegui as saying that Apple will have to compensate iFone for using the brand name iPhone.

As of this posting,  Apple has not yet released an official statement regarding the matter.  
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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