Filipinas have always been fond of straight hair. Advertisements, celebrities and magazine spreads constantly advocate the straight ‘do. Filipinas march into salons which, in turn, offer a whole range of straightening services to cater to the growing demand. They also use straightening irons that, unfortunately, can severely burn their hair.

“Straight hair is a trademark look of many Filipinas. Many go to great lengths to achieve that type of hair. And that’s also become the primary reason for plenty of damaged hair,” explains Ms. Angelia Oh, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

According to Ms. Oh, heavy blow drying, excessive amounts of hair spray and other hair products, as well as constant hair ironing can cause serious damage to the hair. With its hair care expertise for 50 years, Philips has developed a simpler way to straighten and style one’s own hair with less damage.

Safe, accessible hair styling

On its fiftieth year, Philips Hair Care has expanded and improved its range of hair care products with the ProCare Range. According to Ms. Oh, the range includes hair dryers, curlers, straighteners, and stylers. “The philosophy behind the ProCare Range is essentially more style, with less damage,” Ms. Oh explains. “We wanted to make hair styling more accessible to consumers in the comfort of their own home, but more importantly, to produce hair care products that are safe and gentle for hair,” adds Ms. Oh.

The Philips Straightener HP8339 from the ProCare Range not only straightens hair smoothly and efficiently, but also protects hair from overheating with its Dual-Care plates that glide smoothly through the hair. This straightener is safer to use because of its constant temperature and Even Heat Distribution. Constant temperature allows the user to straighten hair at a more caring and manageable temperature, yet still getting the desired style.

On the other hand, Even Heat Distribution prevents damaging hot spots on the plates by evenly distributing heat the entire time, thus maintaining healthier hair. This straightener also offers healthy restyling with auto-settings as well as quick heat up time of 15 seconds. A key lock function also locks in the user’s desired settings.

50 years of hair expertise

In the last 50 years, Philips has been at the forefront of the hair care industry. Since the very first Philips Hairdryer was released in 1962, the world has seen a great number of iconic hair styles that Philips has helped pioneer and made accessible to the average consumer.

“We are proud to have continuously provided diversity and innovation in products that satisfy the needs of our consumers,” Ms. Oh remarks. “It is our commitment to make meaningful innovations that allow consumers to live a more convenient and healthier lifestyle.”

The Philips ProCare range of hair care products are available at all authorized Philips retail establishments.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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