For any parent, their child’s safety is top priority. But with so much chores and errands to be done around the house, it often seems impossible to be able to monitor one’s baby while doing other tasks.

Philips Avent brand ambassador Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan offers a solution for moms who have their hands full—the Philips Avent Video Monitor. Maricel explains that with the video monitor, “We can keep a close eye on Solana and know whenever she needs something. It also lets me tend to other things at home, allowing me to multi-task.”

Me-Ann Achacoso, Philips Avent’s Business Development Manager, agrees. “The Philips Avent Video Monitor is a handy tool for busy moms like Maricel who have other things to take care of at home. Its unique color LCD screen lets you be with your baby wherever you are and quickly attend to your baby’s needs,” she explains.

According to Ms. Achacoso, the high-tech video monitor features a 100% secure connection so you’re assured of a direct and private access to your baby’s video feed; an infra-red night vision feature for round the clock monitoring; a high resolution LCD screen; easy to position camera; three soothing lullabies to help baby go to sleep; and a digital link confirmation to ensure that you are connected to your baby.

“We at Philips Avent understand the need of modern Filipina moms for meaningful innovations, and we want them to be a ble to manage their time wisely without having to miss out on their baby’s needs. With so many features that allow them to do just that, Philips Avent’s Video Monitor promises to watch your baby even if you aren’t around,” concludes Ms. Achacoso.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

By eccentricyethappy

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