ReMINEd | Amazing Virtual Wishlist App on Android and iOS

Do you have a wish list or bucket list this Christmas? Longing for a gadget or clothes that you want to buy this Yuletide season?

Recently, while searching for an app on Google Play, I saw ReMINEd, a virtual wishlist created by AppLabs Digital Studios. Their objective for this particular app is for users will set their goal fulfilled their wishlist.

I tried myself to start my own wishlist for Christmas. I want for Christmas is a pair of Converse with Hello Kitty design. I’m determine to have this pair of cute Hello Kitty-inspired Chuck Taylor.

Download the app via Google Play and iOS.

Add a photo of desired item you want and set priority in each items. In the free version of ReMINEd,  you can store up to 5 wants from the Mine Box. In the paid version of this, you’re allowed infinite number of wants

Set priority level (Low, Medium, High) before saving the item. And you can set your target date and add a note to remind you when to acquire the item.

You can share your wish list thru Facebook and Twitter.

You can change your desired item here.

You can view your wish list via Mine Box.

If you’re wondering if this is for free, this app is for free on Google Play and iOS.  Visit ReMINEd‘s website for more details.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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