On airports and controversies about Digichive Philippines

In an article about Ninoy Aquino International Airport few months ago, in which the said airport included in the list of worst airport in the world. NAIA’s not really the worst airport though it needs improvement. 

Millions of tourist visiting our country yearly yet there are lot of problems in maintaining our airports. Common airport scenarios like long queues in the immigration check in counter, lack of facilities and security that a lot of travellers who came from different countries complaining about this problems.

I’d been to Davao several years ago, and the airport facilities at that time was minimal, like there’s no escalator, and lack of travel carts. Good thing that they are hospitable in serving other tourists.

Davao airport
A controversy that has been in the news recently that Digichive Philippines, a company that has been managing the placement of ads at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for the past five years.

In the span of five years serving the Manila International Airport Authority, they paid MIAA an amount of P13.5 million every year. 

As much they want to re-bid, they offered to pay more than P100 million. But the San Juan RTC decided to give a temporary restraining order (TRO) as requested by Digichive and restraining MIAA from awarding the project to the winning bidder.

As I searched on Google, here’s what I found: Digichive’s office is located in San Juan City and there’s no company profile.

In my opinion, the government must handle its airport advertising contract by publicly announce the winning bidder. And the proceeds should go to the maintenance of airport facilities. They must do something about it.  Our government must focus on the reconstruction of our domestic and international airports. 

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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