What’s going on blogosphere? | On "Bloggers Gone Wild" issue and Filipino Bloggers Manifesto

Few months ago, I was stunned over several online articles and issues pertaining to bloggers who gatecrashed in events, complaining after receiving lootbags and some people accused several “mommy bloggers” selling sample products after reviewing it.

In Inquirer’s Bloggers Gone Wild article, they blasted the reputation of every bloggers who attended events. It’s unfair for those bloggers whose working at home, like me, who seldom attending product launching and other events that PR firms sending invites to cover and post an article about it. 

I’d attended five events since last year yet I followed protocols whenever I’m around. But I was shocked when I encountered someone doing inappropriate action towards other bloggers in an event few months ago.

Whenever other fellow bloggies telling me horror stories about bloggers who are active attending events, I was disappointed yet sad over what’s happening in our community. And I will not tolerate these kind of actions by bloggers who create scenes in events.

As a blogger for almost 2 years, from what I knew is that blogging is passion in sharing experiences to readers. Blogging is not getting VIP treatments in events, and getting freebies. Blogging is passion and it’s all about attitude towards other people. It’s overwhelming that other people appreciated your works as a blogger.

It’s a matter of trust and respect. 

When my mentor Ms. Janette Toral, my friend, Cebu-based blogger Fleire Castro and others who contributed in creating a draft for a bloggers’ manifesto. The main issue here is to step forward clearing up the reputation of Filipino bloggers. 

A Blogger Manifesto – Professional Bloggers Block from Fleire Castro

It’s good to hear that a manifesto was created and it will benefit a lot of bloggers, especially newbies who want to attend events and to stand over attacks against our blogging community.

And I hope there’s some changes in the world of blogosphere, if this manifesto will be implemented soon.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to share your ideas about this bloggers’ manifesto. 
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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