Will Aha Hule Komiks’ Bebe says "Yes" to Beho on Valentine’s Day?

It’s been a quite some time that I read Manila Bulletin’s hilarious comic strip Aha Hule Komiks. I love reading comics and it makes me feel better whenever reading them in my free time.

For the past few weeks, I’m just wondering…will Bebe, the peculiar character on Greco Milabiling’s Aha Hule Komiks get a nod and say “Yes” to Beho on Valentine’s Day?

Whenever I’m reading Kuya Greco’s fantastic comic strip every Sunday, I always imagined myself as Bebe who always get mad on my Beho. But who is my Beho? It’s a secret! :

Though Bebe’s father always distracted Beho to make his first move to her. And I hope that Bebe will finally get a chance to say it to Beho on February 14.

I know a lot of you can’t wait to read Beho and Bebe as a couple. As for me, I’m excited to read their sweet moments on the said comic strip.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

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