These may well be the devices that will help get Filipinos through the summer—and their electric bills.

With temperatures expected to soar in the coming months, and the Philippines retaining its repute as having the most expensive power rates in Asia, Concepcion-Carrier is promising low energy consumption and low electricity bills with its new Carrier aircon models.

According to Raul Joseph Concepcion, CEO of Concepcion-Carrier, “We are proud to showcase three energy-efficient cooling solutions for the summer. First, we have the Carrier Optima Window Room Air Conditioner (WRAC) that gives low electricity consumption and electricity cost; second, there is the XPower 2 Inverter lineup, starting with the XPower2 high wall inverter that gives as much as 53% savings versus other inverters; and finally, the Carrier Designer Series inverter, a standout in the cooling line uphaving the efficiency of an inverter and stylish colors that can fit even the most creative interiors.”

Lowest electricity cost

Rafael C. Hechanova, Jr., Concepcion-Carrier’s Vice President, explains that the secret to the Carrier Optima’s energy efficiency is its powerful yet energy efficient compressor, with additional cooling coils and more efficient motors. This energy efficient system design is optimized to deliver the lowest electricity consumption.

He adds that the Carrier Optima consumes the least energy compared to other air conditioner brands in the non-inverter aircon category, based on stringent tests done at the CCAC facility. The Carrier Optima high wall, for instance, will yield up to P12,000.00 in annual savings which would enable consumers to pay back the unit in just 2 years.

Aside from being highly efficient and giving the lowest electricity cost, the Carrier Optima high wall also has a host of advanced features for added convenience, protection features such as auto-diagnosis that gives customers peace of mind, and the best filters that protect against dust, odor and pollution.  The Carrier Optima window room air conditioner on the other hand bests all leading window room air conditioner brands by having the highest EER of 12.1 for the 0.75HP capacity.

Highly efficient inverter line

Another gem in Carrier’s line up of cooling solutions is the XPower2 High Wall Inverter. The Carrier XPower 2 comes updated with a stylish new grille and the same guarantee of energy efficiency.  While other inverters promise energy savings, the Carrier XPower 2 was lab-tested under typical usage conditions[1]along with other leading inverter brands. The tests show that the Carrier XPower 2 gives as much as 53% more energy savings than other inverter brands, with a very affordable monthly electricity cost of only P1, 027.00 for 8 hours of continuous cooling every day.

The Carrier XPower2 high wall inverter also features multiple air filters, including nano silver and ginseng which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, and nano photo copper zinc which deodorizes the air. It is also equipped with an 11-step Advanced Airflow feature, a Filter Check Monitor, and a Smart Auto Diagnosis System.

For those who want high energy efficiency in a window room air conditioner, there is more good news with the arrival of the Carrier XPower 2 window room inverter. With a high EER that ranges up to 11.7, this powerful window room inverter is remote-controllable, and has auto-diagnosis, protection, and air filtering features. The Carrier XPower 2 high wall is already available in all appliance stores while the Carrier XPower 2 window room air inverter will be available in time for summer, April 2013.

Style and smarts: Carrier Designer Series Inverter

Last but not the least, Carrier announces its Designer Series inverter that makes it a stand out among all other inverters with its combination of style and smarts. The Carrier Designer Series Inverter has a high energy efficiency range of up to 13.  This intelligent cooling solution also cares the best for your health with its smart filters, as well as giving you convenient access to its feature with just a simple click from the remote.

The Carrier Designer Series also has the style and flair of being the only inverter with three colors – Dusk Orange, Aurora Gold and Twilight Silver – that fits in any creative or fashionable living space.  With a good combination of beauty and intelligence, the Carrier Designer Series inverter is truly the cooling solution for premium living.

The Carrier Designer Series inverter will be available in time for summer, April 2013.

Most trusted brand in air conditioning

For added peace of mind, all these Carrier models come with durability guarantee, including five-year compressor warranty, genuine parts availability, and round-the-clock customer support from Carrier’s CustomerCareCenter.

“Cooling has played an increasingly vital role in making our homes and lives more comfortable, especially in our tropical country. With the real savings and remarkable features that these cooling solutions offer, we hope that more and more Filipinos can now enjoy the benefits of air-conditioning. After all, cooling is not a luxury; it is a necessity,” concludes Mr. Concepcion.

[1]Based on test conditions of 1.5HP, 23 sqm, 18oC

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