Ahh graduation—a momentous event that marks both a bittersweet ending and a beautiful beginning. Everybody looks forward to the day they cross the finish line of a long, hard fought journey in education. It is a time to reflect and commend everything one has been through to get to that point.

So, for all the hard work and effort that the students of your family put in all these years, Philips offers these suggestions on how to reward them this graduation season:

For the little ones who are ready to be the big kids

  It’s always a beautiful sight to see your son, daughter, niece or nephew outgrow their baby steps and take a big kid’s step to their future. To make that moment even more special, why not reward the young ones with a big kid gadget?

The Philips GoGEAR SoundDOT is ideal for introducing a whole new world of music to the kids.  An mp3 player designed for convenience, it is equipped with LED and sound indicators for navigation. The player is a flash drive in itself that allows for easy file transfer without cables. It also includes a built-in clip for hands-free use, and will attract your kids’ curious eyes with its wide range of colors. Moreover, users can enjoy up to 6 hours of music playback.

For the fashion savvy graduate

For the fashion expert of the family feel, Philips offers its CitiScape Collection. Featuring  unique fusions of fashionable design and high quality audio, CitiScape headphones come with 40mm drivers that deliver clear, natural and balanced sound all the time.

 If the artsy graduate takes inspiration from the urban backdrop of New York City, Philips recommends the CitiScape Downtown. Meanwhile, the Philips CitiScape St. Germain is tailor-made for the romantic and chic daughter or niece. And for the anime-loving, J-Pop and J-Rock loyalists of the family, Philips offers the specially-designed CitiScape Shibuya.

For the budding adventurers waiting to see the world

Whether your son or nephew is graduating from high school or college, their thirst for adventure and the outdoors is likely to be evident—especially during the summer right after graduation. Philips suggests a worthwhile companion for camping, hiking or casual beach trips with the Philips Shoqbox.

A small speaker packed with big sound, the Shoqbox is portable, splash-proof and drop-proof. It carries powerful twin speaker drivers that deliver big sound that doesn’t crack. Operating on Bluetooth technology, it allows users to stream music from any Bluetooth device. It is meant to withstand the roughness of the outdoors—a reliable travel buddy for budding adventurers.

For the sound aficionado about to bid school goodbye

For the audiophile graduates who are very particular about sound, Philips has a ready suggestion: the high fidelity Philips Fidelio M1 and L1.

Powerful vented and pre-tilted neodymium drivers provide solid sound production for the L1, bringing a controlled bass and a transparent mid-range. Its semi-open back architecture also serves to provide more natural and uncolored sound that’s very close to the original source. Meanwhile, the M1, which is primarily intended for outdoor or on-the-go listening, provides comfort and an overall sophisticated flair in its design. Sound also resonates well from the M1 due to its acoustic seal that’s built into the internal chamber to preserve sound details.

For the laid back yet sophisticated homebody

  Almost every family has a resident homebody or all around laid back member that appreciates the art of staying home rather than a night out. That son or daughter poured in countless hours of studying and sleepless nights from the comfort of his or her bedroom without fail all these years. For your young homebody, Philips offers the Philips SoundRing DS3880W.

Within its bold, spherical design, the Philips SoundRing houses a technology that produces natural and immersive sound. It is also equipped with Apple’s AirPlay, allowing users to wirelessly stream their iTunes collections straight to the SoundRing. Furthermore, users can also charge their Apple devices through the USB port located at the charging base.

On their Graduation Day, pay tribute to the family members whom you’ve seen grow to become marvelous and learned individuals over the years. As you do so, remember that seeing them walk on stage for that diploma is a triumph both on your part, as parents who have endured and sacrificed much for their education and for them who did just as much. They too deserve to reap the fruits of their hard work.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

By eccentricyethappy

Christian Melanie Lee is a freelance community manager/social media manager, chatbot builder, social media consultant, and web developer. She is managing her other blogs under lifestyle, food, music/concert, and Hallyu niche. Last August 2020, her first website project, Choose Khiphop is one of the news authority about Korean Hiphop. Five months later, she and her friends formed a podcast called +82 Khiphop Podcast. In 2018, she had her stint as The Itchyworms' social media manager which led her to do music photography in her spare time. A year later, she had a short stint as road manager for the local band, Join The Club. Currently working as freelance community manager and music photographer.

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