Stephanie Zubiri for HUROM SLOW JUICER

One of the country’s reputable Chef, Lifestyle Columnist and Business Entrepreneur Ms. Stephanie Zubiri recently inked a contract of endorsement for Zinven International Corporation, the exclusive distributor of HUROM Slow Juicer in the Philippines. A woman of style and substance, Stephanie’s reputation complements the endorsement for HUROM Slow Juicer, on how it is to get the best, natural nutrition for maintaining the balance in your lifestyle. 

The new paradigm in juicers, HUROM Slow Juicer has the patented Low Speed Technology System. Unlike blenders and traditional juicers which rips the nutrients, HUROM Slow Juicer’s Low Speed Technology System allows slow and gentle pressing out of the juice,  preserving  most of the nutritious enzymes, minerals, vitamins and flavors alive and well. HUROM Slow Juicer has continuous extraction system, operates on low-noise and is easy to clean and maintain. HUROM Slow Juicer is available at Rustans, The Landmark, S&R, Wilcon Builders and Shop TV. Like us on Facebook Hurom Slow Juicer  product inquiries, call 9268009. Photo shows: (L) Cathy S. Dy, General Manager, ZInven International Corporation, and Ms. Stephanie Zubiri.
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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