Cast in your votes at 7-11’s 7 Election campaign

Every Gulp counts!

Few hours ago, I went to a nearby 7-Eleven store for a quick snack. Then, I noticed that they have an ongoing campaign called 7 Election.

Here’s the leaderboard for 7 Eleven Lagro
What is 7 Election?

7 Election campaign started in 2010, as 7-11 came up with a campaign to share to their valued customers…the unique away to vote for their chosen political aspirants.

Choose from the three selected Election Cups: Team PNoy, UNA  and  partylist/independent candidates

I’ve chosen Team PNoy Election Cup.

It allows customers to purchase 1 Gulp cup and each cup corresponds with specific candidates of your choice. 

And this coming May election, they brought it back the fun activity and you can choose three selected cup: Team PNoy, UNA and partylist/independent candidates.  

Here’s how you can join:
  • Choose your preferred Gulp cup
  • Get your drinks
  • Proceed to the counter and the cashier will scan the barcode located in the cup.
  • The clerk will ask you which party you will vote before scanning.
  • One vote per customer is allowed for this campaign.

Meanwhile, for those who want to vote online, visit may only vote once. For those who want to participate in this campaign, use the hashtag #7Election on Twitter.

Each 7-11 stores have leaderboard and the votes will be updated on a weekly basis. The promo started last March 20 and it will end on May 6, 2013. The final results will be published on May 7, 2013.

*Photos taken at 7 Eleven store in Lagro
by Eccentric Yet Happy

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