In-the-know food players understand that the key for loyal patrons to keep coming back are the new food offerings that regularly evolve—it’s like a nurturing long term relationship that will keep both parties constantly excited. While this is true, many will agree that there’s also always something charming about the old that deserves a big come back.

Like Chateau 1771, it has managed to keep up with a reputation of serving the finest No Borders Cuisine since the 80’s back when it was still in its original Malate home.  Evoking the feel-good vibe of exquisite flavors of Swiss, Italian, and French, Chateau 1771 was able to make a winning concoction that kept foodies linger over the past two decades.

Now residing in its posh and upscale Greenbelt address, Chateau 1771 remained on top-of-mind for those who wish to experience only the finest in dining. Yes, Chateau 1771 is for people who understand that food is a crucial part of planning in every occasion that deserves a celebration. But of course, those who wish to make an ordinary day transform into something special, starting with gourmet food is the way to go. So before the year comes to a close and in preparation for Chateau’s 25th year anniversary next year, Executive Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco rounds out the quarter with a new batch of dishes brining back old flavors, which will surely change the way a gourmet food is defined. Here’s a sample degustation menu that possess the gloss of luxury, an experience that’s packed with allure from all angles.

For starter one shouldn’t miss the salmon pillows (P300 net, 2 pieces) showcasing salmon in whole new different light: bits of salmon flakes encased in golden puff pastry over mango cream sauce and basil flakes, this is a revival from the old menu wherein a more high tech way of baking it makes the waiting time shorter. Light, soft, and airy, the combination makes the texture exciting while salmon and mango makes a refreshing, palate-tickling sensation.
There’s no denying that oyster almost tops the rank of everyone’s favorite shellfish which even Chateau Group of Restaurants CEO Ricky Guttierez couldn’t resist. There are many ways to dress these iconic shells, but Executive Chef Vicky’s version is arguably the best, highlighting the bivalves at their zenith while the soft and creamy toppings never overwhelm the briny juiciness retained inside. And at Chateau 1771, the delicate sweetness of the fresh oysters were marked as an oyster-lovers’ paradise —light quality yet filled with ordinary flavors made extraordinary from the freshly harvested oysters of Aklan, baked with butter flavored with shallots, worcestershire sauce and lemon.
Executive Chef Vicky not only was able to make a name for Chateau 1771’s all-time favorite pasta chorizo (P490) since 1988, but this time, with whole wheat spaghetti as a choice. This is definitely a stroke of a genius, holding its own as the star in this simple and healthy pasta perfection.

When doing fish for a crowd, Executive Chef Vicky found out that poaching is the best way in cooking its delicate meat, thus the birth of olive-oil poached halibut (P1070). A foolproof choice for something light and healthy, the tender halibut fillet is poached in olive oil and garlic, with precious spices such as bay leaf, thyme, shallots, and lemon zest producing a distinct aroma, finished off with tomato-orange marmalade for a light kick of citrus.  

Next comes another fish specialty, a flavorful baked ocean trout (P630), oven-baked with lemon slices and scattered with fresh thyme leaves, pecans, capers, drizzled with healthy extra virgin olive oil is a classic and clean way to enjoy fish. What’s interesting with the exotic ocean trout is its firm and thick-fleshed meat, made tasty by the fresh waters of Australia. It is always mistaken as salmon although of the same family.
Another treasured and unique dish, vanilla brick spring chicken (P660 net), is a certified organic whole spring chicken, butterflied and deboned, with a spread of vanilla bean dots, butter and garlic grilled under a brick.  While cooking under a brick slab is a technique that may seem primitive, the procedure proved to be the best way of creating a tasty and crisp texture of the skin and also makes the meat moist and tender. Plus, the vanilla bean when smeared on the skin enlivens its delicate taste and flavor, especially when paired with cauliflower two-cheese gratin (P280 net).

Simmering pork with milk and a generous handful of herbs such as sage results in very tender and rustic yet full-flavored meat with rich, silky juices.  That’s why the milk braised pork shoulder(P450) is the perfect foil for either lunch or dinner  boasting an old-Italian technique of cooking–with one bite enough to understand why it’s often called one of Chateau 1771’s great dishes.

Another meat dish that’s worth saving up the space for is the grilled lamb cutlet (P1750). Lamb is the least of the meat that most Filipinos prefer, but Chef Vicky rejects the notion. Grilled to perfection and seasoned with a mint-walnut pesto, it’s added with roasted capsicum sauce, grilled bell peppers and marble potato salad—a unique way of sealing the flavors without the disheartening “gamey” taste of lamb which most people would shy away from. Most diners wouldn’t even thinking about spreading over the lamb with some mint jelly which makes the dish a certified big winner among Chef Vicky’s creations. 

Dessert is another work of masterpiece at Chateau 1771 not only for its superior taste and quality, but for every item’s unique homespun charm, just like the Valrhona chocolate ganache tart(P250net). Chef Vicky capitalized on the bittersweet flavor of 70% Valrhona chocolate, a quality French brand which has a deep, well-rounded, flavor and a silkier texture when mixed with French cream making this dessert quite addicting.

Chef Vicky swears by the fact that some of the tastiest, most irresistible dishes are not only about originality, nuance, and verve—most of the time, the old ones have become classics and deserves a rightful place in the new menu. So whether you’re looking for everyday gourmet food or simply has an appetite for fine food, whether you’re treating yourself or somebody else, Chateau 1771 definitely got you covered.

by Eccentric Yet Happy

By eccentricyethappy

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